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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Hour's week in Vancouver

Sunday nights 8-12
This week Band of Horses

takes over for an hour and they share some song selections.
Plus the usual audio appearances of Bob M jr and Rich Terfry
having a say about the musical offerings along with Strombo who is passionate about you hearing those songs you need to hear and he invites you to share you song passions as well.

Skype users can look for and join the Strombo Show chat group as the show airs. The chat group is hosted and monitored by Jazzdolphin of Vancouver. There is no video/audio features needed for the chat just a friendly need to communicate about the music and the topics.
The Hour
Monday May 17th

Hockey Hero and Speaker Paul Henderson talks about being that Hockey player in that moment and other historic moments and how he became a Christian.

& Actress/Director Sarah Polley talking about the Sci-fi film
she is starring in ... Splice

Tuesday May 18th - VANCOUVER
Terry Fox's mother Betty Fox.
Who doesn't want to meet Betty Fox when in Vancouver?

& District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp
is working on a new Sci-fi film

Wednesday May 19th - VANCOUVER
Heritage Minister James Moore
My question would be...
Is he wearing this Habs shirt because he knew that would get him on The Hour?

Plus from the Vancouver Canucks The Sedin twins
Our Lady Peace's Raine Maida is a friend of the show
and also helped produce, mix and engineer The Lost Cause -Billy The Kid.

Thursday May 20th - VANCOUVER
Activist Rick Hansen
My question would be...
Did he really say no to the GG job?

President of the International AIDS Society Julio Montaner

& Musical Performance by Billy the Kid aka Billy Pettinger

Friday May 21
with a nod to Montreal

The Trotsky's Jay Baruchel with Director Jacob Tierney
& Musician


Trudy said...

I'll be there on Wed. Should be a great show.
How long does the taping take?

Barbara said...

They take at the minimum an hour to tape. Then you have the option to stick around and ask George questions and take photos with him etc.

Trudy said...

Thanks - do you know how long will it likely be between arrival and the taping? We have to be there for 5:30pm.
It's going to be fun!

Barbara said...

Between Arrival and taping? Maybe 45 minutes at the most.

Barbara said...

I see it's a very large audience. I love the noise they make! There are some minor changes to the lineup for the Wednesday and Thursday shows.

Trudy said...

It looked like a rock concert last night.

We're getting there early - and I hear the Sedin's will be on tonight, so that is great!

Trudy said...

We went to the taping last night - George is so funny! We were seated close to the entrance so we could see everyone arrive, and George hung out there a bit too.

I was really impressed with James Moore and his ability to "spar" (live) with George.
Loved that the "Sedinery" was on too! It was a great time - the crowd really made it an experience.

Barbara said...

Trudy if you would like to write up a few paragraphs about your experience there feel free to write us
If you have pictures you would like to include that would be great!

Trudy said...

Will do :)