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Thursday, May 27, 2010

They are talking about the new season now.

CBC 2010 fall Preview

CBC celebrated it's new fall lineup on the same evening The Hour taped it's last show for season six.

"We're going into the fall 2010 season with some of the strongest, highest-rated, most celebrated shows," Kirstine Stewart, general manager of CBC Television, said.

I was at that taping to wish George a good summer and say goodbye to the old set.

The Hour is now getting ready for Season Seven

They are not only going to change the set (maybe even the studio), they are going to make changes to The Hour's format.
What those changes are they don't know yet. The Hour wants to add more online content, and be more available using new technologies. What stays on the show is the interview and the look at current issues... everything else is up for discussion. My hope is that they consult the viewers. It's our show too!

In this last taping they tried something new. They have been experimenting with live musical acts presented at the end of the show, tonight a comedian, Frank Spadone, stepped upon The Hour's stage to do a very funny stand up routine. Be sure to tune in, or watch online... let them know how you liked it.

There will be more new content on The Hour until it's preempted by The World Cup. In August there will be more of The Hour specials.


Anonymous said...

What do you think of George's ambition after The Hour - to be a game show host ?

Barbara said...

I suggested he revive the game show Truth or Consequences. That was a fun game show.

Anonymous said...

After this horrible season, I'm glad they're considering changing it. Change the host for starters, let George go do his game show.

Anonymous said...

I finally like the show's formatting... everything was down hill after Season 2 and the gags with the writers are actually amusing. Here's hoping they don't change it TOO much. Unless they bring back the CLOSER!

Barbara said...

Anon 9:33 if you don't like the show at all why are you commenting here? There are other blogs for that.

Barbara said...

Anon 10:31 I agree about bringing back the closer!

Trudy said...

I don't love change for the show...but I'm sure they know what they're doing.

The gags with the writers don't do much for me, so I'd be okay with that cut. Having bands on was a great idea. I can't imagine what they'll do with the set.

Anonymous said...

I wish the would make the how more high budget. Have a set that can have many moods like Oprah has.

I only like the writer scenes when George is in them.

Don't you think George should be a bit more ambitious than Game show host ? Seems kinda cheesy.


Trudy said...

I'm sure he's ambitious, but maybe he has people in his life that love game shows and he threw that out there.

I hope they keep the chairs!

Barbara said...

I think they may be getting newer red chairs... they don't last forever.

Philip said...

I'm glad the show is coming back but I'm not sure about even more changes coming, unless they are slight changes. Not after the changes this year. Take the bios for instance, before when George was doing them, they were more in depth and more fun, now when Jen does them, they are shorter and only really deal with their body of work. I don't know what changes were made before the switch to the main station afew years ago, as I wasn't watching then, but I hope the changes this year aren't too drastic.

So, when does the World Cup begin? What dates is George pre-empted? Will best ofs take their place?

Anonymous said...

George is now using bands and comedians to help fill the hour up ...but, isn't this show supposed to be something different than other late night shows ?

With comedians and bands he is just turning in to a lower budget Jay Leno. I'll hold my tongue for season 7 though.

I hope the show gets better.

Barbara said...

The world cup begins in two weeks and lasts a month I believe.
I talked to a couple of the writers on Thursday and suggested that the viewers would not be happy with drastic changes...

Anonymous said...

What did the writers and George say ?

Parisa said...

Well, i read an interview with George on National Post regarding the changes to the hour. He said they want to make a late-night show for the country. hmm... whatever they do, i just hope they don't make it like jay leno or any US late-night talk show format. i also like to see more lengthy interviews:)and more stuff on the News segment (politics,economics, arts, etc).

Barbara said...

The writers didn't say much about the changes only that change is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

I like the writer.
Let's for a great new season !

Steph A. said...

The thing with change (or much else for that matter) is that one cannot please all of the people all of the time.

Anonymous said...

I like the show but i feel this season was the worst season so far

1) they started changing the philosphy of the show from not putting bands and comedians on to doing so. they had the headline thing at the end of the show for about a month then just stopped one night

2) the kid nation thing didnt work

3) it seemed to frantic with no rhyme or reason to anything

4) the only time the cold openings are fun is when george is in them