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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Rolling into May... This Week on The Hour

Let's get started...

Today is of course, Mother's Day, so maybe you've Brunched it up today with your mom? Hope the day was a great one for all.

Tonight, as usual, if you're in need of some good music and some good banter George, Bob, Rich and other guests will bring you 4 hours of all you can handle on CBC Radio2. Enjoy.

Back in TV Land...

Monday, May 10th

David Suzuki

Author, broadcaster, activist, environmental crusader, founder of the David Suzuki Foundation and according to the CBC series 'The Greatest Canadian' the 5th greatest. I still recall the great debate between Suzuki and a Professor at my Alma Mater getting into it over controversial theories on race. Can you say academic bitch slap? I sure can.

Bruce Greenwood

Bruce Greenwood is one of those actors that works steadily... a favourite of Atom Egoyan, he's does drama so well and has a list of impressive credits as long as your arm. Of course, he's most recently known for his work in the last Star Trek film but I have to confess I loved his sleazy portrayal of Nick, the disappearing husband of Ashley Judd's character in Double Jeopardy - one of those guilty pleasure movies.
Tuesday May 11th
TBA -- Mystery Day! As of this writing, we know who's taping, but NOT who's airing. Relax and go with it.

Wednesday, May 12th

Christopher Plummer
At 80, Plummer has mastered it all! Television, Screen and Stage. Loved by generations for his portrayal of the dashing Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music - Plummer has spent decades being critical of the film apparently calling it 'The Sound of Mucous'. Whatever. Every Christmas, families all around the world watch for 4 hours, including commercials. I am thrilled that he will be taking to the stage of the Stratford Festival this summer in The Tempest.

Des McAnuff

With the backlash to the Conservative Government's indifference to art in our country, a very significant tide has turned for the Stratford Festival. Being the creative mind as Artistic Director of the Festival, Des McAnuff has to bring the art, spectacle and quality that is Stratford's signature... but do it on budget. Very recently, the Festival received an enormous endorsement in the form of $3 Million dollars from the Marquee Tourism Events Program. Has government realized the economic benefits to tourism and the arts? We can hope.

Thursday, May 13th
Jacob Tierney

Film maker Jacob Tierney is a Montreal bred up and comer. His latest film is 'The Trotsky' that made a real splash at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall. It tells the story of a Montreal teenager who believes that he is the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky and sets about to organize unions, find his older woman/muse to hilarious results.

Jay Baruchel
Not so coincidentally, star on the rise Jay Baruchel is the star of Tierney's film 'The Trotsky'. He's a Montrealer too, so hopefully with the Habs still in this thing, conversation won't drift entirely to the ice. Loved him in Tropic Thunder!

Friday, May 14th
Repeat-A-Palooza - So nice, watch 'em twice...
Bruce Greenwood

Cypress Hill

Yes, Cypress Hill are legends of Hip Hop, but I couldn't resist showing their triumphant turn at Homerpalooza on the Simpsons. Good times. Anyone remember that? Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins... No Doubt.

Danny Bhoy
He's Scottish, Indian and funny... his stand up has graced many international stages, including Just for Laughs!


gih said...

yeah! Danny is cool. I like his style too.

voicefax said...

Well it looks as if Tomorrow's ep is a repeat "Best Of" and Wednesday's and Thursday's are TBD. Is that due to potential hockey playoff Games? I am looking forward to Thursday's show? (I also imagine both guest duos this week will be interviewd together possibly as Wednesday's guests are both from the Stratford Festival and Thursday's duo both are associated with the same movie?) I am a bit pissed as I understand that they take off weeks for the Hockey Playoffs, but they also took off for the Olympics. :(

BTW, Sorry about all the questions. I am just a bit curious about the logistics of a Talk show.

Barbara said...

Some of the tapings this week will be seen at another time if they can't be broadcast because of the game... It's hard for them to predict as the playoffs go to seven games... I think all the time sensitive shows get shown asap...

voicefax said...

I just saw the listings for Tonight and tomorrow's shows which will air most likely, but it just says Christopher Plummer (with Timber Timbre) and Jay Baruchel (with Frank Stronach). I wonder if Des McAnuff and Jacob Tierney will appear with them, or have they benn completely dropped.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee.

Anonymous said...

Whose there ?