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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Here's What's Coming Up...

So... as the weekend is winding up, the Strombo Show and The Hour are gearing up for the week.
As I write, a couple of observations -- I need more than 4 hours of sleep a night but yet, am still willing to give that up for a good show or party. To that end - a suggestion if I may? Check out the self titled CD from Toronto band 'The Beauties'. Disc is fantastic and their live show? Off the chain amazing.

Speaking of other great music? There's sure to be all you can handle on this week's Strombo Show -- 8pm-Midnight on CBC Radio2. Apparently, a discussion on the greatest 'Front men' in music is on tap.

Meanwhile, on the screen...

Monday May 31st

George Romero

The KING of the Horror flicks, George Romero visits the show. Dawn of the Dead. Night of the Living Dead. His latest flick is The Crazies which I was shocked to learn, is not a documentary about my neighbours.

Peter Nowak
In his latest effort, 'Sex, Bombs and Burgers - How War, Porn and Fast Food Created Technology as we know it' , Author Nowak operates on the premise that these three key elements of society have driven the perceived need for much of our technical innovations. Seriously -- how long can it be till there's a pizza 'n porn app for iPhone?
Tuesday, June 1st
Amanda Seyfried

If you have a television, satellite, read magazines or generally don't live your life under a rock, Amanda is everywhere -- she's the new It Girl of chick flicks. From Big Love, to the truly painful Mamma Mia to a string of newer films - Dear John, Letters to Juliet and Atom Egoyan's latest -- Chloe, she's going to stick around for a while!

Patrick and Jonathan Roy
Talk about pressure. Your father is hockey great Patrick Roy. You're a kid following in his footsteps. You get in a violent fight that makes headlines, you're charged and later get your charges dismissed. What are you gonna do next? If you're Jonathan Roy, you become a pop singer. Seriously. That's not made up. He's apparently set to open for New Kids on the Block this summer. Above is a good shot of the Roy men with Jonathan's lawyer. Good times!

Wednesday, June 2nd
Courtyard Hounds
They're sisters, moms, multi instrumentalists...and two thirds of the Dixie Chicks. With lead singer of the Chicks, Natalie Maines taking a hiatus, the sisters have put together a side project that is of such great quality, no one s saying they're just marking time. I confess I do like their sound, though I still resent them a little bit for their Grammy sweep for the Dixie Chicks 'Comeback album' post the George Bush uproar. My cousin's Canadian band was up for a Grammy against them. One of those good news/bad news things -- "Hey, we're nominated for a Grammy but the Dixie Chicks are in our category.' Burn. ;-)

Willie O'Ree
New Brunswick born Willie O'Ree is a sports pioneer. As the first black player in the NHL, former Boston Bruin O'Ree is the 'Jackie Robinson' of ice hockey. One interesting fact about O'Ree is that he was almost blind in one eye and covered up this fact, lest he be passed over for his shot at the big time. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada and has worked as a youth ambassador.
Thursday, June 3rd
Jake GyllenhaalAs part of his press blitz for his latest - Prince of Persia, Jake Gyllenhaal hit The Hour for a chat. From a Showbiz family, Jake and his sister, Maggie are both Oscar nominees -- Jake's for Brokeback Mountain. I really liked his film Jarhead and if you remember WAY back? Jake played Billy Crystal's son in 'City Slickers'. Yep, the one with Norman the cow. Now, I want steak for dinner... but I digress.
Christoper Plummer
Plummer has done it all... films, television and now, he returns to the stage. At 80, Plummer shows no sign of slowing down. In 2009, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the amazing film, The Last Station. His summer job? The role of Prospero in The Tempest at the Stratford Theatre. Can't wait -- tickets bought!
Friday, June 4th

No listings available at this time... as per usual, tune in and see what gems will be re-run.

The Hour has taped it's last show for the season and will return in the Fall. In the meantime, you'll have the opportunity to catch some shows you've missed over the past season.
Have a great Summer!


Steph A. said...

I'm SO glad that Willie O'Ree will be on. I've been hoping for that for quite a while. His story is very interesting. Can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if George is single ?

Barbara said...

George is married to The Hour.

Anonymous said...

What kind of answer is that Barb ? George isn't married to his show.

Another reader said...

Does it matter if George is single? What does that have to do with him as a talk show host? Answer? Nothing.

Barbara said...

I still stand by my answer as accurate.

Anonymous said...

Is George very smart ?

Barbara said...

Watch The Hour and know that his questions are not scripted before hand. He does research and he listens very closely to his guests. His questions are in the moment of the conversation. You decide how intelligent he is.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think he does have SOME questions prepared. Probably hald and half - half scripted and half he comes up with from how the guest answer.