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Friday, May 14, 2010

Live Canadian music on The Hour

The Hour is trying something new.

They have done music specials for Christmas time and there was the Tragically Hip music special but they want to have bands performing on the show on a more regular basis.

Every once in awhile, on no particular day, George will present a lesser known, but fantastic Canadian band playing live near the end of the show.

The last five minutes will be bands like Timber Timbre from Ontario,
The Novaks from Newfoundland,

Billy The Kid from BC and other touring bands from all corners of the land.
If you can think of great bands you would like to see get this kind of national exposure, write the show and let them know.

Email, or write to The Hour, the address below.

c/o CBC Television
P.O. Box 500, Station "A"
Toronto, Ont.
M5W 1E6

If you're emailing George, please use 'Message to George' as a subject.

*As they air on The Hour you can then watch the bands play some more songs as a web exclusive on The Hour's own site.

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