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Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the occasion of our 4th birthday...

On May 30, 2006 a new blog was born!
In honour of our fourth birthday,
we present "The Stroumboulopouli" by the numbers...
14...the number of "Contributors ~ The Regulars" who have written for blog since 2006
5...the current number of contributors
2...the number of Provinces we currently represent (1 BC, 4 ON)
239,695...the number of visits to many posts we've written in four years
30...the percentage of readers from Canada
28...the percentage of readers from the United States
18...the number of countries from which we have received visits this week.
Among them, the UK, Poland, Kuwait, France, Australia, Italy, Greece and Finland.
To our loyal readers, we say THANK YOU!
Also, thank you to George & the staff of The Hour for your assistance and support.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

Meredith said...

Happy birthday! Bonne FĂȘte!!! Enjoying reading you for 3 years now!

Trudy said...

Congratulations! I'm so impressed with all the international readers. This has been a great blog to see details of the upcoming Hour's episodes, and to share stories. Thanks for keeping it up!

Barbara said...

Thank you Anon, Trudy and Meredith. We appreciate your support and interest. The past four years have been interesting for sure.