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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Week of October 12 - 17

This Saturday night don't forget to watch the Anthem Challenge
The Strombo Show is unannounced.. It may have something to do with the holiday this Sunday evening. If it's a prerecorded show or a best of show or George shows up and wings it by himself I don't know at this point. But Happy Thanksgiving to the crew that does
The Strombo Show.
On The Hour this week
( The theme this week seems to be interview a lot of rich and interesting men)

Monday October 13
Richard Branson

Please check out Alice Cooper 's website.

This should be a theatrical interview.

Tuesday October 14 (sometime after the election special? like at 5 am on Wednesday!)
Ricky Gervais

Tim Robbins

Wednesday October 15
The other Bronfman,

Stephen Bronfman

and SNL's performer and author Finesse Mitchell.

Thursday October 16
A couple of Dragons from the Dragons Den

Kevin O'Leary / Robert Herjavec

Also on the show R&B star Robin Thicke.

Friday's Best of will include James Cameron and Robin Thicke.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

One note you will be able to see George in the pre-election special tonight, along with Rick Mercer and other CBC talents.