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Saturday, October 11, 2008

<<<< REWIND <<<<

Our views and reviews of The Hour during the week of October 6th...

The week opened with more news about the economic downturn. I have to agree with George's "new word" for the economic situation (after an economist said that we need a new word to describe the situation)... "Shitfire". Sounds good to me, though personally I like "Clusterfuck" but since it's not a new word, it doesn't qualify. Enjoyed Daniel Levitin... his theories on music make total sense to me. I look forward to picking up his book. Mark McKinney was also very interesting. I was a fan of Kids in the Hall and I was completely enamoured with Slings & Arrows, I found his take on "being the second guy in" on an idea amusing... and that he said that is because he is better at seeing exactly what an idea might need to work, finally made something I'd tried to put into words for years finally click.

Julie Couillard did nothing for me... and I had a hard time listening to her because she came across as arrogant and her answers contrived. I don't quite understand how trash talking her ex will give her back her reputation and credibility. The saying "Least said, soonest mended" comes to mind, but perhaps that doesn't translate into French. I was surprised at James Cameron, I didn't expect him to be as personable as he came across. I loved his description of Titanic as a movie with funny hats, corsets and an ending that's already spoiled.

Wednesday kind of surprised me. I was fully prepared to not have any sympathy for mafiaboy, and I'm still not entirely sure what I think about it. I appreciated that he said he was remorseful, but I don't know. It does take guts to reveal himself when he could have hidden behind the anonymity that he had as a juvenile offender, but I'm just not sure about the whole thing. Chantal Petitclerc reminded me of another wheelchair racer that I once knew who also did the international circuit and has since retired. I find it a shame that wheelchair racing was not a demonstration sport and I still don't entirely understand why the Paralympics are a separate entity. I hope Petitclerc will continue to work to raise the awareness of Paralympians.

So I'm the second one in. ;) Mr. McKinney may be on to something with that concept.

Honestly, I would have been happy to stop watching after Monday's show. Mark McKinney was charming, intelligent and self effacing. As a huge fan of Kids in the Hall, I was pleased to see him on The Hour. The Kids were and ARE Alright...

Daniel Levitin was someone I'd wanted to see on the show for a while. I loved Levitin's first book 'This is Your Brain on Music' and as for the latest - 'The World in Six Songs' - it's a must read. Music provokes, evokes and adds to MY life experiences in some way every day - perhaps you're the same? Levitin isn't your typical academic. The Doc Rocks!

The interview with Michael Culce 'Mafia Boy' simultaneously charmed and scared the shit out of me. That internet security is so lacking that a kid - granted an intelligent and intuitive one - could bring down some of the largest and most powerful sites on the www is alarming. I would have liked to hear a bit more of his plans for the future - hopefully he'll do a lot of good on the 'right' side of the mouse. If I read his book, you can be sure I ain't ordering it online with my credit card! ;)

Chantal Peticlerc - Effervescent and well spoken - a true Champion and role model in every sense. Class personified.
- Tracy

As a Quebecer I liked seeing Julie Cuillard, and Michael Culce tell their story because I know people like them... Interesting characters. I wish I knew people like Chatal Peticlerc because she seems like an inspirationional person. I can't add anything more that what has been said about this week. I am not sure why but I wish it did have more politicians in it.

It was a long week for me but a short week for The Hour.

Actually The Hour crew will still be working tonight on the final announcment for the Hockey Theme contest then they get a break for thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Barbara W


With the election just around the corner, the hilarious moments of The Most Important Federal Election of 2008 will be coming to an end...this makes me sad. However, I am looking forward to the return of The Hour to Newsworld at 8pm EST. I had a telephone conversation with a CBC Audience Relations representative a couple of weeks ago, who assured me that the Newsworld schedule would return to normal after the BIG event.

I quite enjoyed the James Cameron interview. I did not know of his past involvement in the 'Custodial Arts'. While certainly not as inspirational as Chantal Petitclerc, it is quite something that someone who once scraped gum off of tables, ended up being the director of the highest grossing movie in history.

Chantal Petitclerc's interview was the highlight of the week for me. She and our other Paralympians have done our nation proud. What a shame that our government does not reward their acheivements as they do that of our able-bodied athletes.

Julie Couillard's interview surprised me...sort of. One one hand I think that she has been vilified by the media. But then on the other hand I think that if I wanted to improve my reputation or change people's view of me, I would make an effort to distance myself from the past. Writing a tell all book and then hopping on the tour bandwagon just keeps the story out there.

Mafiaboy/Michael Culce...I'm not sure I'm one hundred percent convinced he is as remorseful as he claims. It disappoints me that based on the story as he tells it, that when he first told his panini-eating father about his involvement in illegal activity, that his dad did not suggest he simply turn himself in then and there...but that could just be me. And now he has a book, from which he will profit. Nice how it's all worked out, isn't it?

~ Steph

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