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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Walking a green path

Habits of green

Before the One Million Acts of Green was introduced on The Hour many of us were already getting into patterns and habits that help the environment and ourselves.
Soon after I moved to Toronto, two years ago, I woke up to what a walkable city it is. I purposely moved to an area that I could walk to the downtown core from. I work as as an Administrative Temp and most of my jobs are in the core. I now walk 35 minutes each way to be fitter and greener. It's also cheaper. I have bus tokens for bad weather days and I leave my car at home. It's for weekend excursions only. I may even sell it and be free of the automobile. But one step at a time.
This good habit started off slowly with a thought, 'can I walk home from here and how long will it take?' Now it's second nature and I am starting new green habits inspired by the
One Million Acts of Green

Such as taking my The Hour mug off my desk at work to the coffee shop on the ground floor to fill up my mug instead of wasting paper cups. It's one idea you can find there. During this campaign the Stroumboulopouli will all be writing about how the Acts of Green is affecting or infecting us in our lives. Please share your idea here or on the website. We have a community group on the site anyone can join.
The Stroumboulopouli

If you have an idea for a green challenge we might be up for it.

Barbara (changed all the light bulbs) W.


susand said...

I just loved the "million acts of green" I live on the other side of the world but this"Walking a green Path" caught my eye. I have started a website and would love to get some visitors from other parts of the globe. Our aim is to start a healthy epidemic one step at a time. Do something that's good for the body,the soul,the planet and it's free.

Barbara said...

I wish I could visit Oz in person susand. I will check out your site.
True about walking it's not only free and all that it saves you money.

Mich said...

Great post Barb! I miss being able to walk to work... I hope that will change sometime soon. Susan, your website sounds interesting, I will check it out. Thanks for commenting! :)

Anonymous said...



Barbara said...

I have collected the mugs over the last three seasons... The don't make the smaller black ones anymore sadly. That's the kind I take to Tim Hortons to get filled up for 1.19