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Sunday, October 05, 2008

This Week in Strombo...

I write this from a friend's computer. Overtired but energized. Too much Nuit Blanche action last night/morning. Here's what's coming up this week...

Sunday Evening kicks off with The Strombo Show. Special guests include music guru Alan Cross talking up his latest project, Tim from Rise Against and a special in studio performance by Black Kids. If you haven't checked them out... this will be a treat. Their music has a great energy and they're on a very active tour. Toronto folks can catch them at the Mod Club tonight!

In TV land... a good mix this week - some guests I'm keen to see because I'm a huge fan of their work and some that I may enjoy despite the fact that I may not be a fan of their efforts. Like fans of The Hour and those who may only be occasional viewers, there's a lot of buzz on the "Harper Bait '08" Very funny stuff! Hope the bribes and temptations continue. I am willing to throw in an unused indoor grill/appetizer warming tray. Anyone else have something to put on the table?

Monday October 6th
Mark McKinney
Best known for his groundbreaking sketch comedy troupe 'Kids in the Hall' Mark McKinney has worked steadily both in front of and behind the camera for years. He even spent a stint on Saturday Night Live but the Kids is his most notable work.

The Kids in the Hall - not kids anymore, mind you - recently reunited for a mini tour and have been inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame.

A little trivia - Mr. Tyzik is the name of the "I'm crushing your head" guy. Will there be head crushing? Tune in Monday and find out!

Daniel Levitin

There's nothing more elemental to many of our lives than music. For many the soundtrack to our lives - who we were, who we are and how we live is intimately tied to what music inspired, provoked or entertained us at the time. Do you remember what song was playing at key points in your life? The first song you slow danced to? The first time you heard your favourite artist? The concert outings with friends that were among the best times in your life? I distinctly remember the first song I heard after my mom's death - it brings a visceral reaction to this day...

Author and academic, Daniel Levitin is the author of This is Your Brain on Music and the recently released The World in Six Songs. He has amazing perspective on what music is and how it shapes society. The premise of his new book is that there are six types of songs that evoke friendship, joy, religion, comfort, knowledge and love. I am midway through the book and am a fan. You can even head to his website to hear what's on his Ipod.

Tuesday October 7th

James Cameron

I confess, I am not a James Cameron fan. I respect that he's a Hollywood heavyweight, a man who can get a film made and get the cash he needs to make it happen. From the Terminator franchise to Titanic and beyond, he's a prolific filmmaker. During Titanic I spent most of my time letting out bored sighs. At the end - if Rose loved Jack that much, then heft him up on the door - don't let him sink into the icy waters. Jheesh.
Julie Couillard

I don't know how to feel about this interview. It has potential. Couillard's romantic track record should make girls everywhere feel better about the sketchy choices they have made with men.

Formerly married to a Hell's Angel and former girlfriend of former Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier - Couillard has had a colourful past. She's made some telling revelations about her involvement in 'government affairs' and added some spice to the Canadian political scene which tends to the benign.

Wednesday October 8th

Michael Culce - 'Mafia Boy'

Kids just want to have fun and if your idea of fun is to hack into high profile websites and networks, then maybe you too can grow up to be like Mike!
Montreal based Michael was one of the most sought after hackers in the world - this kid brought the Dell website to its knees. Not many teens have agencies like the FBI and RCMP on their tail.
They say kids lack ambition... this will be an interesting chat!

Enjoy your week folks.... and for the latest updates, don't forget to check The Hour's website for the scoop on what the rest of the week holds!


Anonymous said...


You should watch how judgmental you are with others love lives or lives in general
Julie Couillard has made sketchier choices than you? What is the scale to which are you comparing? Why is being married to a Hell's Angel a bad choice?

You need to be more careful with your personal comments of others lives.

Tracy said...


My comments were tongue in cheek - that's just my style. If I'm able to catch the Couillard interview, then I will. If you watch, please share your thoughts on her story.

Sure, not all Hell's Angels are involved in illegal activities but many are. That's reality.

Personal opinions are all part of blogging, I will continue to share mine and invite you to do the same.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why, 'the hour' changed it's theme song? Could it be the producers were worried about Stombo's dark side?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that's why. *eye roll* Maybe you wish you had a dark side OR at very least, spell check.

Anonymous said...

As unfair as it seems Anon @ 10:10, the fact is that as humans we tend to judge people by the company they keep. While it would be great to suggest that ALL members of the Hell's Angels are simply motorcycle enthusiasts, there is much evidence to prove otherwise.

We live in a world of expectations. The reality is that little girls don't dream of growing up to marry alleged drug dealers or members of organized crime.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate you explaining your tactic with the tongue and cheek.

I just found the comment that you made :
"Couillard's romantic track record should make girls everywhere feel better about the sketchy choices they have made with men."
To be offensive.

I think you should share personal opinions but I think you need to be conscious that this is someone's heart and love life you are blogging about. Be conscious of how you are speaking of them. Consider that if you were being blogged about how would you want others to speak of your choices.

Just something to consider.

Anon @ 10:10

Tracy said...

Thanks Anon 10:10 for replying.

I appreciate your point and the intelligent way in which you express it.

By putting out a memoir, Couillard voluntarily put herself back in the public eye - a move that most people don't do - mainly because no one would care about their story but also because intimate relationships are meant to be private. Unless of course you're out with your girlfriends having wine - then, it's game on.

Do post again after the interview, I will try and watch tonight and do the same.

Anonymous said...

ANON: 2:03- NASTY or Defensive?
What gives, everybody could do with spell check!
I like the old theme song, and I think I have a valid point.
Too bad you don't!

Anonymous said...

The Julie Couillard interview was pathetic. She didn't redeem her reputation or credibility, she still comes across as the arrogant and deceitful woman she was portrayed as. This book does nothing more than stoop to the same level of the people that tore her apart. If she wanted to rebuild her reputation, she should have kept her fat mouth shut.

Philip said...

How far is Montreal from Toronto? It was real funny, as I have been seeing Julie Couillard all over the place. Yesterday morning at around 10, She was on a live talk show for about half an hour, and then she must have driven to Toronto quick. I was watching the interview and I knew it was taped yesterday, because they mentioned that Stephen Harper and her must have met in the hallway.

When does George tape his live shows? When does it go out on CBC Newsworld? I know that Montreal and Toronto are not that far apart, but seing those two same day interviews with the same person kind of surreal given where they were taped.

Mich said...

It takes about an hour to fly between Montreal and Toronto, so it's not unconceivable that she was interviewed in both cities in one day. Many people do that commute every day.

The Hour tapes at 4:30 in the afternoon, Mondays through Fridays, it's not impossible for her to be on a Montreal talk show in the morning and then arrive at CBC for a 4:30 taping. After the election, The Hour will resume airing on Newsworld at 8pm, it's original time slot. Currently, due to the election, it is only airing on the Main Network at 11pm.

Hope that helps...

Tracy said...

OK. I watched the interview. I wouldn't deem it pathetic but I wasn't impressed with Julie Couillard. I am less inclined than before to skim her book.

Hopefully once she's done her book tour, she'll put the past firmly behind her and start fresh.

Tracy said...

Anon 10:10-

What did YOU think of the Couillard interview?