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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Hour of Facebook?

A young chap named Ryan Levia created a Facebook group called:
Stephen Harper and 'The Hour' . An absence defining our vote.

We thought we'd try to help Ryan and The Hour out with their Harper Bait '08.

The kitten named Diefenbaker

(which it seems that he somehow already got a hold of),
the autographed book, the choice of new haircuts, George's pocket change & now the spiffy platform shoes don't seem to be enough of an enticement for Harper.
So perhaps with your help we can use the "voice" of a social network to shout:
"HEY HARPER! GET YOUR ASS ONTO THE HOUR. We want to hear what you have to say!"

Personally, there's not much that he could say to get my vote, but at least I'd give him a few minutes of my time to hear him answer some questions George & The Hour's team have ready for him.
If you're thinking to yourself; "There's no way Harper would even consider being influenced by such a group or network." Think again!
Check it out.....even the Prime Minister of Canada has an official Facebook profile!


Jenuine said...

Okay, now we really have incentive:
Harper's on The National tonight with Mansbridge.

Tracy said...

This could be the genesis of a David Letterman/ John McCain like feud... it's on like Donkey Kong.

Barbara said...

Never mind what Harper has to say...
Go listen to your local politicians...
I went to the local debate here in TO
The Liberals' Bob Rae, Olivia Chow of the NDP, Peter Van Loan of the Conservatives and the Greens' Nick Capra at Glenn Gould Studio -
It was food for thought from all the candidates and a very entertaining evening to boot.

Mich said...

It is important to balance what the leaders of the parties are saying with what the local candidates are saying. I've heard four different ridings worth of candidates over the past week, and even though they may come from the same party, they all say something just a touch different from the other. Because of the way our elections are, we have to balance what the leaders of each party has to say along with the more local issues.

Harper is also the current Prime Minister, so what he has to say is important, because either we will continue along with him or we will have a new leader that will have to deal with a new leader who is dealing with the outcome of Harper's goverment. Either way, what Harper has to say is important to listen to and I think it's a shame that he would not take advantage of every single opportunity to get his message across.

Tracy said...

Of course - Mr. Harper should appear on The Hour. It's a chance to hit a number of demographics.

I read an article a while back that spoke to the number of 'public' events that were open to press - a comparison of Harper vs. Dion. I think the count was Dion 36 or 38 to Harper's 0. His lack of openness and transparency is alarming.

Mich - good point. I am no fan of Harper, but yet I admire the tenacity and work ethic of my local MP - a Conservative. This is the first election in a long time for which I haven't voted in advanced polls OR been 100% solid on my choice with a week to go.

B- I saw Oliva Chow on Saturday night enjoying the exhibits at OCAD. Damn NDP enjoying art and culture.. she must not be a 'regular' person. ;)

The Conservatives are slipping in the polls. He's dropped the censorship component to bill C-10. Interesting...

Jenuine said...

We as ordinary Canadians have a lot to say about our current Prime Minister & I think it may suprise you to know that the facebook group:
"Ordinary Canadians DO SUPPORT the Arts, Mr. Harper. You are dead wrong."
now has 59,062 members.

Not too shabby, I would have to say.

Jenuine said...

In less than two weeks since it's inception, may I add.