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Saturday, October 18, 2008

<<<< REWIND <<<<

It's our review of the week that was for October 13th to 16th...

With the election and Thanksgiving, the week had a really weird vibe to it, but there were some great moments on The Hour. On Monday, I found it interesting to learn that 100% of the profits from Virgin Airlines goes towards research for alternative fuel sources. I loved the idea of coconuts as fuel, but as Branson said, we need to find an alternative fuel that doesn't cut into the world's food supply. The best point Branson made was that people who are in any position to make a difference should, regardless of status or wealth. I've never really known what to think about Alice Cooper. As a kid all my friends had his records, but I never really learned anything about him. Before that, all I knew about him was the rumour and innuendo. It wasn't until earlier this year, when I heard him follow George on the Drew Marshall show that I really learned a bit about who Alice Cooper really is, versus the Vaudevillian character he plays on stage. So I was intrigued by him appearing on The Hour because of that, but also because of the past stories George has told about the effect seeing Cooper on The Muppet Show had on him. I love how, in The Hour interview, Cooper describes his shows as "strange vaudeville". I still question how he can justify his act as a avid Christian, but all that really matters is that he can justify it.

Other than learning about C-Vert, the Stephen Bronfman interview left me pretty cold. But C-Vert is a pretty cool little initiative. It would be nice to see something like that go nationwide. Okay... Angelina Jolie buys her son her first dagger? WTF? Really? What's next? My first taser? My first spear? I have to make a confession. I rarely, if ever, watch SNL. I'll watch clips when they make news, but I just don't watch it. So I had no freakin' clue who Finesse Mitchell was. And to a point, I still don't know. But he was funny... it's an amazing route that his life has taken to where he is now. Oh and George cooking on Steven and Chris? That should be interesting...

I was in the audience at the taping of Thursday's show and I loved the interview with the Dragons about the economy. I can't think of another time where George really challenged a guest (yes yes, I know he challenges guests all the time... but this time it seemed more intense), but his emphatic arguement against the Dragons about property ownership being a right not a priviledge really made me sit up and take notice of what they were saying. What's your thoughts on property ownership? I can see George's side (and tend to agree with it), but I can also see the Dragon's point of view. I think I agree with the whole concept of going back to the 50s era school of thought where debt was viewed as a bad thing ("scared of debt"), rather than now where being in debt seems almost expected and required. But of course then there's whole bad debt versus good debt issue, and then it gets complicated. No wonder most people glaze over when it comes to economics. I can honestly say that this is one economy interview that was actually engaging and easy to listen to. Robin Thicke left me cold. Poor Kyra Phillips... man, my worst nightmare is making one of those on air blunder. The worst I've ever pulled off was "orgasm" for "organism", but that wasn't on live television. Thank goodness.

It's very cool that the YouTube Channel has surpassed 10 million hits.




Barbara said...

There seemed to be a theme this week about how Rich men are feeling the hit too.. I thought your rewind post was on the money Mich.

john said...

Property.. is a myth. Let's do away with it altogether.

Philip said...

It's pretty weird. I'm seeing Alice Cooper everywhere.. A few days after he was on the Hour, he was on one of our major Quebecois talk shows (and honestly, from all the commentary, he's one of the english guests that was not harangued for his mother tongue on a french show). I've also seen him recently on Brit TV. fOR ME, IT'S JUST A BIT SURREAL.