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Saturday, October 25, 2008

<<<< REWIND <<<<

Okay, I have to start this off by getting something off my chest: feet licking is DISGUSTING. How that could possibly be erotic or appealing absolutely boggles my mind. So seeing it in the Monday Cold Open... gross. And then to hear that Chocolate Body Paint could be tainted with melamine in the Mile A Minute... tragic (though never fear, nutella's a much better tasting alternative. Or you can make your own... seriously. Google the recipe. I have.) Monday's first guest, John Bul Dau, was absolutely stunning to listen to. It always humbles me to hear about someone who has seen so much horror in their life, yet still be able to function. His culture shock stories about coming to America were fantastic... it's amazing how we North Americans take simple things like snow or electricity or even the sliding doors at the grocery store for granted. I generally don't agree with anything that Suzanne Somers says, but her "pick it - pluck it - milk it - shoot it" description of the food that we should eat was right on the mark.

Oh, the childhood memories that came floating back to me on Tuesday, with Oscar the Grouch's appearance in the cold open. Remember the Yip Yip Aliens? Monsterpiece theatre? When Snuffalupagus was invisible to everyone but Big Bird? Good times. David Suzuki drove the OMAOG point home: one act is not enough, but it's a start. That, and no one's perfectly green all the time. George was having way too much fun in The News on Tuesday... which made it hilarious. Cutting all those Rudy Ray Moore clips into The News was hilarious, but the news of the week really was Usher's announcement of his "ladies only" tour in more intimate venues, to thank his female fans for their support. George and the writers nailed it on the head... follow up tours include the "Yeah I really gotta go" tour, the "You might want to get tested" tour and the "What? You said you were on the pill!" tour. I found it very interesting to learn that Alanis Morrisette was one of the first artists to use recycled paper for their album art. Also like that she says that happiness is not what life is about, it's about striving for peace because happiness is such a temporary state.

George's proclamation on Wednesday that the Liberal Leadership convention is a great idea. Imagine the revenue that the allegedly broke Liberal party could bring in by selling tickets to the ring events! The OMAOG PSA produced by Artmitage Public School is awesome... love the little girl who proclaims for all that her dad litters. Photographer Edward Burtynsky's work is absolutely stunning and I think he's bang on with his belief that landscape is much more than the traditional definition. I picked up a new term in The News on Wednesday... "intellectual ninja". Awesome term. There are so many people I could describe with that. And Miss Louisiana takes the cake: dining and dashing and forgetting her purse. And then going back to retrieve it? And she's surprised that she was charged? Really? The pot bust on top of that makes the whole thing that much more priceless. Regular Hour guest Mike Holmes was fun as usual and it's great to see a contractor with a passion to do the right thing. I don't know if the people around me have bad luck with contractors, but the ones I've encountered lately are the opposite of Holmes. I admire him for his refusal to build homes larger than 2000 sq. ft. Because really, unless you have a huge family, no one needs a McMansion. Sure they are pretty, but they are also generally quite ridiculous.

Careful... FREAKY SCIENCE AHEAD! Scientists have figured out how to modify the memories of mice. As George said, it's Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mouse. Now, quite frankly, there are a few things I'd like to forget from my past, but I'd also like to think that those bad experience played a part in making me who I am. It's an interesting quandry. In the set up for Dr. Julio Montaner, I gasped audibly when I saw the slate next to Knowlten Nash proclaiming AIDS as the "gay plague". It's shocking to see how AIDS was treated then. Unfortunately, it's still treated as such in some circles. Dr. Motaner is just what the AIDS epidemic needs... it's unfortunate that his drive and passion are stifled by the people who have the power to enact change. It shocks me that the tools and knowledge in use today could solve 90% of the problem, but political interference is slowing or ultimately stopping any progress. John Legend was an interesting interview, and I think his humanitarian work is amazing. Not many people I know would want to adopt an entire village. Good on him. I just wish his music wasn't produced by Kanye West, because that means I have to boycott it.



Anonymous said...

I guess I don't need to watch the show at all since you've discussed every detail of every guest.

About the feet licking. It's fine to have and express your personal opinion but it might be more appropriate to do it in a comment instead of as part of a blog. It just comes of judgey and a bit puritanical. I'm sure there are things you find erotic that other people would find gross.


Trish said...

Nice work on the rewind, Mich! Your comment about the feet licking was hilarious! What a funny way to start off the rewind!

Thanks to the five of you for all the hard work that you put into this blog. You do your research, your blog is up to date and informative, and always entertaining. It's always nice to hear others' perspectives on the show's topics.

Well done, Stroumboulopouli!