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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who will be on Canada's Hockey Anthem Challenge?

Hockey needs a new anthem and if you think you have it in you to compose one register here.

"Between now and October, we invite musicians to create and everyone in the country to help us select the perfect new music to represent the most famous hockey broadcast in the world," says Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports. He goes on to say "Our team of experts and judges will represent a cross-section of the country's musical and hockey talent," Moore says. "We'll be making some more announcements shortly about those personalities. We're going to create just the right mix to ensure we come up with a winner that's both musically exceptional and appealing to the all-Canadian hockey fan. The winning theme will capture the essence of our national sport, provide a sign post for great hockey programming and excite fans from coast to coast to coast."

According to The Globe and Mail The panel, which will include Tyler Stewart of the Barenaked Ladies, Hockey Night's Don Cherry and The Hour's George Stroumboulopoulos as host, will critique the entries, similar to the way the judges on American Idol make their evaluations. And then, with help from the viewing audience, two finalists will be selected.

We had a good chat about Hockey Themes earlier this month but now the promos for the HNIC theme song contest on CBC are featuring George, and we are waiting to hear officially, what his involvement in the project will be.

The contest started on June 20th and Canadians may submit their songs up
until 11:59 pm August 31st 2008.
The specials will start on Saturday,October 4 when they present the five semi-
finalists to the country. The following week, two finalists will be revealed
at the beginning of CBC's Hockey Night In Canada doubleheader on Thursday,
Oct. 9
. Fans will have the opportunity to cast their vote for the ultimate
winner and the new theme will be revealed on Saturday, October 11th.


joeclark said...

I think it would be prudent to read the fine print in the rules and regulations. I did.

Barbara said...

Were you planning to enter a song Joeclark?

Barbara said...

Does the CFL have an Anthem for those broadcasts? I don't recall the music...

Anonymous said...

the blue font makes it a bit hard to read

Raine said...

Please check out my entry for this contest and rate/comment on it! Much appreciated!!!

Here is the link:


Raine Sumner

Raine said...

the link didn't you can link to it from my website at

Anonymous said...

A great entry with serious potential.

Anonymous said...

It's an awesome contest, and we can all hope that each and every song gets a listen too by the judges.

btw, here's my 38 second anthem

without the anthem vocals:

and with

Anonymous said...

here's a good one: