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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Walking the Line 101 with Mansbridge and Walters

It’s an interesting dynamic when a journalist or media personality is in unfamiliar territory. Savvy professionals who understand the process of interviewing and are conscious of protecting their image and reputation, they often try and control the flow – to their detriment. On The Hour, George often interviews those who are used to firing the questions – not answering them.

Canada’s News Anchor – Peter Mansbridge (Sorry Lloyd) is a semi-regular guest on The Hour and presents himself as a man of intelligence and humour. Peter brings informed perspective to issues facing Canadians, clarity and context to how world affairs affect or will affect our lives. He’ll gamely share an anecdote or two then he’ll tuck himself back in the comfort of his anchor chair at The National. Peter knows how to play the game.

Mansbridge, who will receive an honourary Doctor of Laws, honoris causa (LL.D.) on Monday from The University of Western Ontario (Go Stangs!) reflects in the London Free Press on the mixed blessing of being viewed as both a celebrity and a journalist. Says Peter “I think all of us who get that feel a little awkward, because it’s kind of silly” he goes on to say “I tend to get my phone calls answered fairly quickly, which is handy” No doubt.

Coming up this week on The Hour – Iconic journalist Barbara Walters takes a seat in the Red Chair and the interviewer becomes the interviewee once more – to incredible results.

Throughout her career, Barbara, with varying degrees of support from colleagues - from zero to hero - has broken through all barriers to interview world leaders of every stripe, booked the biggest guests - many of the great thinkers of our time. Authors, athletes, artists - people who have shaped history and the human experience on all levels have been her subjects. She’s led a rich & exciting career path.

Walters is on a massive publicity swing and is adeptly balancing the fine line between journalist and celebrity as she promotes her autobiography ‘Audition’.

Of course, the salacious details of her affair with a married African American Senator (back in the 70’s) have captured all the headlines.
Sex sells and Barbara is no dummy. Does it come up in her interview on The Hour? Hmmm.

I don't watch The View as my desire to fling random objects at my television when faced with the prospect of listening to the incredibly banal Elisabeth Hasselbeck are overwhelming. During the Barbara and Hugh era of 20/20, I was a dedicated viewer. Her Oscar and Most Fascinating People specials are guilty pleasure viewing though I have to say – Barbara. Please.
Justin Timberlake. Fascinating? Really? Just tell me you lost a bet and it's forgotten.

It’s not our role to tell readers what to do. You’re intelligent people and probably ridiculously
good looking, so I will only ‘strongly urge’ you to catch the upcoming interview with Barbara currently scheduled to air June 10th. I attended the taping and was most impressed with Ms. Walters as were my fellow audience members. They taped two long segments that feature great range both topically and emotionally – a fluid and enjoyable conversation. Barbara is Eloquent. Candid. Funny. Flawed. Human. Awesome.

I will tease a little something. Yes – the amazing Gilda Radner’s parody ‘Baba Wawa’ is discussed as is a particularly wrenching childhood experience that you will have to hear about to believe. Jeep rides, professional jealousies and the dilemma of mixing motherhood with career make for a great convo. In my ‘View’, if an interview can make me want to carve out a few hours I don’t have to spare to read a 600+ page memoir – well done.

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Steph A. said...

I love watching the interviewer become the 'interviewee'. I often wonder what they are REALLY thinking when they are being their mind they are thinking "gee, I would have asked that differently" or "why don't you ask me about this instead?".