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Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's the first week of June...

The week kicks off with the long awaited announcement of the winners of The Stroumboulopouli's "Doctor of Thinkology" Contest, being held to celebrate the second anniversary of our blog.

As we understand it, the draw will take place during the second hour of today's Strombo Show. Thank you to all who entered and stay tuned to see if you are a winner!

Coming up on The Strombo Show...

AJ McCready, Director of the Heavy Metal Music Association of Canada, will join George to talk about the association as well as their upcoming HMMAC showcase during NXNE. Franz from Montreal's Grimskunk (headlining the NXNE showcase) will also drop by.

Coming up on The Hour this week...
It would appear that Monday's show will be pre-empted by the Stanley Cup Finals.

Tuesday, June 3

Recognized in the House of Commons as an "extraordinary craftsperson" and "an accomplished master builder with a social conscience", Canada's favourite contractor, Mike Holmes, makes a return visit to The Hour.

If you missed his last appearance, you can watch it here.

In 2005, when Oprah Winfrey chose James Frey's memoir, A Million Little Pieces, as one of her bookclub selections, sales of the book skyrocketed. On the New York TImes bestsellers list for nearly a year, over 4.5 million copies were sold. When The Smoking Gun revealed that elements of Frey's story had been embellished or altered, controversy errupted.
Frey's new book, Bright Shiny Morning, was released last month.

Wednesday, June 4

After dropping out of high school, Dave Foley began taking classes at Toronto's Second City Theatre. If you ever watched Kids in the Hall in the 80's, NewsRadio in the 90's, or more recently, Robson Arms, then you know that those lessons paid off!
Now a whole new generation of fans can enjoy the comedy troupe as the Kids in the Hall have reunited and are taking their show on the road.

Thursday, June 5

Bob Newhart needs NO introduction. Unless one has lived under a rock for the last few decades, chances are you have seen at least one body of work by this legend. Whether portraying "Dr. Robert Hartley" in The Bob Newhart Show or as inn owner "Dick Loudon" in Newhart, his comedic brilliance stands the test of time.
Friday, June 6
A SPECIAL edition of The all-access EXCLUSIVE with Coldplay!
Here's a small preview...


Anonymous said...

Uhm I'm pretty sure that monday's show is actually gunna be a new one, cause i'm actually going to the show, and they haven't sent around a cancellation notice yet. So it's still a mystery as to who is gunna be on the show!

Barbara said...

Barbara Walters is my understanding.They will still tape it. They may just broadcast it on another day.

Tracy said...

Yep... confirmed that it is Barbara Walters. It will be just the interview though, not a full taping.

So far she's scheduled to air June 10th.

Anonymous said...

Can someone post the actual answers to the Doctor of Thinkology contest?

Barbara said...

Done and done.
Redwings lost the game on Monday so Wednesday's show will be on later than normal... like Midnight or later depending.

Barbara said...

According to George it won't be a new show tonight because of the game.
How many of you entered the hockey contest?
Thursday will be your next chance...
How many of you were thinking of bringing me if you win?
I did not enter to give all of you more of a chance to win...
My thanks in advance.

philip said...

Well it looks like Tonight's show is going to be shelved for a while. The guests for tonight's show have dissapeared from the "Upcoming guests" section, and George said last night that Dave Foley was going to be on "in the coming days" and not tomorrow. So those episode's guests will most likely be on next week. I wonder if they will still tape and air interviews scheduled for next week. I mean they still have the Salman Rushdie interview coming up, and then they have previously scheduled interviews with Foley, Kingsolver ,Stone, Walters and Burroughs. I wonder what will happen with new guests they had lined up to be filmed next week. Will they tape them as well and air them later on or just postpone the interviews?

Also, I was just curious as to what has happened to the "After the Hour" section of the website" as they haven't updated it since the show's return.

Mich said...

The guests (Dave Foley, Augusten Burroughs)that were slated to appear on the Wednesday, June 4 have been moved to Monday, June 16because of the hockey premption.

The other interview taped on Wednesday, June 4th, Cyndi Lauper, will air Friday, June 13th.

Salman Rushie will air Monday, June 9th.

Barbara Walters will air Tuesday, June 10th.

The shows slated to tape June 9-12, should air as expected considering there is nothing to preempt them and any remaining interviews will either be folded into next week's shows or pushed over to the following week as in the case of the Foley/Burroughs show (by the way, both are fantastic interviews as is the Cyndi Lauper interview). There is no reason to think that the interviews will be "shelved" for a later date.

From what I understand, all interviews taped recently will air within the next two weeks.

Barbara said...

well said Mich.

Philip, I was wondering about the After The Hour stuff myself... we are all waiting for new content. :-)

louise said...

After The Hour clips can still be viewed, just click on any picture and it will bring up 101 clips, some old some new.