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Friday, June 06, 2008

Tonight on The Hour: Exclusive with Coldplay!

On the eve of Coldplay releasing their fourth album "Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends", George visited the band in their London recording loft for an exclusive interview with the band.

Here's a sneak peek from
The Hour:

The Toronto Star, Entertainment Tonight, the Hamilton Spectator have all mentioned tonight's exclusive interview with Coldplay. Bill Harris from Sun Media says:

Stroumboulopoulos is a strong interviewer overall, but he particularly has the ability to get to the heart of the matter when he's talking to musicians. At one point Stroumboulopoulos asks Martin bluntly if it ever dawned on him that what had clicked about Coldplay for a long time actually stopped clicking a couple of years ago.

"We reached the stage where we thought, we can't get much bigger, so we have to try and get better," Martin said.
The Hour's exclusive interview with Coldplay runs tonight, Friday, June 6th at 11pm on the CBC Main Network. If you miss it, surf on over to The Hour's new and improved website. After the interview, run over to Coldplay's MySpace page and listen to the album as they stream it all weekend. The album will be released June 17th.

After the show airs, make sure you come back and let us know what you think!


Tracy said...

Coldplay is my guilty pleasure listen. I was literally front and centre at their 2003 show @ The Molson Ampitheatre. Just on the cusp of breaking worldwide.

Great show, but what impressed me most was that their appearance in Toronto happened at all. It was just after the very peak of the SARS crisis. Coldplay were one of the first performers not to pussy out and cancel their gig.

Chris thanked the fans profusely for not letting fear overtake their minds and for coming out to support the show. The energy was amazing that summer night 5 long years ago!

Barbara said...

I must have been under a rock in the past. I did not know much about Coldplay... It was an interesting Hour. Opening up a band office/studio in a bakery might be a new trend now. Can you see that on Queen Street?