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Saturday, January 19, 2008

This week in George.... Jan 20th -25

George is at Sundance this weekend taking care of business. Perhaps doing interviews for The Hour... He would be doing it for you. You think he likes to go to luxury resorts and talk to beautiful and/or interesting stars and view all those films when he could be at home watching TV and cleaning up after the cats? We can only speculate....

Sunday on the
The Strombo Show can he be in two places at once? Tune in and find out.

Coming up on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. Note this schedule may change, so please check back often.
...on The Hour
Where is David Frum
? This is going to be interesting. The man knows a bit about The White House and what goes on behind the scenes. He has written some of those scenes.
John Leguizamo
"A multi-faceted performer and Emmy Award winner, John Leguizamo has established a career that defies categorization. With boundless energy and creativity, his work in film, theatre, television, and literature covers a variety of genres, continually threatening to create a few of its own."

At last, the
Sinead O'Connor interview you have been waiting for.

Peter Bart and Peter Guber

As the Hour says 'Peter Bart and Peter Guber know more about the movie business than almost anyone out there. How is the writer's strike going effect The Oscars?'


The Doctor will not be in
Dr. James Orbinski talks about Doctors Without Borders and more.
In his place we will see
Wednesday, January 23, 2008 -- Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn Walker - Guinea Pig
plus in the audience Wednesday... all the strouboulopouli that write this blog will be there in some form or other... more on that later this week.

Thursday will be full of wonderful surprises... Maybe some of last weeks 'no shows' will show up here... again speculation.
This just in
Thursday, January 24, 2008 -- Pamela Wallin & Chris Nunez (Miami Ink)

and Friday is always the best of the week.
There you go.. that's the week in George.


joe said...

Thanks! This week and last week were the two weeks where there was the most movement. I believe last Wednesday there were many combinations of guests. (What happened to Belinda?) And after three tries we are finally getting to see the John Leguizamo interview!
The weird thing is that David Frum on the taping list on the official site was booked to be on the show this Wednesday and then in the middle of last week they pushed him up to Monday as a last minute replacement. I'm glad he was able to make the change.

I was busy cleaning on Thursday night, but heard that George was going back to London next month. What was he saying about Coronation Street? (I do have to admit that that is one of my guilty pleasures). I also heard him talk about Russell Brand who I think is all right, but I would have to say is an acquired taste. IO have talked to many people who love him and some who loathe him.

Talk soon

Barbara said...

Belinda really did call in sick. I hope it isn't serious. Maybe they will reschedule her.
We are going to Wed. taping and we were looking forward to seeing David Frum, it was a bit disappointing that they switched him to Monday. Dr. James Orbinski is going to be very interesting so we have nothing to complain about really.
Yes The Hour is going to London again this Feb 18 th(?)for a week and if you want to join them and go on the set of Cornation Street with George please enter the contest. It would be cool if you won. Maybe the winner would be interested in guest blogging their experience....

joe said...

Hi Barbara. Hope you like crazy stunts and liberal politics., because It now looks like it's Stephane Dion/ Guinea Pigs on Wednesday. Enjoy the show anyhow!!

Anonymous said...

you might not want to go by the guest list that's on the ticket page since that's just who's filming those days and not necessarily who's airing

Barbara said...

The guest who was booked for Wednesday cancelled so they booked the guinea pigs... but any guest listed for the regular taping time is (if they dont call in sick or cancel) the guest you will see that night if 'all goes well'...
I don't know when Mr. Dion will be on since he is a pre-tape and not being taped at the show taping time...

Anonymous said...

Sinead O'Conner was a great interview. She seems like someone cool to have over for dinner. Love the bit at the top about Vince Vaughn in her pants! ~Kim

Barbara said...

As it turns out Mr Dion will be shown tonight...
Yes Kim, I found Sinead O'Conner is a cooler and funnier person than I expected her to be.

carol s said...

I saw the WBC flyer last night online and thought it was a sick joke at first... then I remembered news stories about these morons protesting soldiers funerals.

I often wonder if a gay or lesbian scientist was to find a cure for cancer, would these idiots accept the treatment... And if they did, what their excuse would be...

Jenuine said...

~ Or ~
If there were to be a "Second Coming" of Christ, and if it just so happened that he proclaimed to be gay.......then what?

carol s said...

~ Or ~ Or ~
Black and gay???