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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'The Hour' of Influence

Watching television is a generally passive and in some cases a mindless activity. Many of us were told by our parents not to watch too much TV because it will ‘rot your brain’. There are a number of guilty pleasure offerings that deliver an enjoyable viewing experience, a fun escape and nothing more. In my opinion, not only is that acceptable, but totally cool… especially after a particularly challenging day. My favourite is the totally silly, endlessly watchable Kenny vs. Spenny. I trust you have your faves too.

But the question I pose to you is this. Has watching television and The Hour specifically, influenced you to turn passive viewing into action? When has something you’ve viewed on The Hour compelled YOU to get off your ass and do something in your own life? The blog group had been rolling this topic around for a while and after an email prompt from Erin – thank you Erin - here goes.

The Hour is a blend of sociopolitical figures discussing topics of National and International import, film makers, authors, adventurers, advocates, athletes and entertainers. Sprinkle in some pop culture, some feature pieces by the Hour’s contributors and even a short form ‘dramatic serial’ in the form of ‘2' and there you have it. Not an easy balance. Not always a perfect balance. But a sincere attempt to serve up something thought provoking and entertaining. Perhaps it’s the asides or the offhand comments by George or his guests that resonate with you most?

Many people were touched by the June Callwood interview - the last she granted before her death. Did it spur an action? Maybe you cried. Called your parents. Made a commitment to volunteer. Smiled quietly to yourself when the soup of the day was squash. On a deeper level, perhaps you realized that maybe instead of believing in God, you simply believed in kindness too?

So… spill. What action or actions have you taken as a result of viewing The Hour? Did you check out some new music, a book, TV show, film, begin paying closer attention to hard news, researched an NGO, or perhaps decided to 'Drop a Disc' to share your passion for music? Maybe you were even encouraged to vote – though if you live in Ontario, clearly not.

But I digress...


kennyhotz said...

i agree!

your pal


DJ said...

The world is our classroom and George is one of my favorite teachers in it.
First of all he doesn’t bore me to death – I have a short attention span and kudos to George and the crew for recognizing that of today’s viewer. Good teachers present to you a problem and somehow help you find a solution – or at the very least inspire you - the Hour does just that. Many times I’m typing away on my computer with the show on in the background. It takes a lot to get me away from my work, but before you know it here comes another amazing guest with an incredible story. Just like anything in life we can tune in…or tune out. I find that when I stop to really listen to these people, their experiences and ideas, it can really make a big impact. I did that CD drop thing and put my email address on there just to see who (if anyone )would find the disc and email me their input. Not only did I make a new friend, but I also met someone who is passionate about helping other people in our community and got me inspired to do the same. The Hour doesn’t force feed you only one side or give you a small list of topics to think about…it gives you a taste of everything. It’s a show that at the very least will entertain you and at the very most will kick your ass off the couch. This is how I sum up the show... fast, focused and fearless, the three F’s..well technically four - just add another f word and awesome after it.

Anonymous said...

I agree too, I really enjoy
watching 'The Hour' and 'Kenny
VS. Spenny', Kenny Hotz is alot
of fun to watch, what I've learned
from him is; Be happy and enjoy
life. George Stroumboulopoulos is
such a joy to watch too!!
Cynthia Dran

Anonymous said...

George's comments about not being the kind of person who lived for the weekend... inspired me to quit my job and find a new career. And I couldn't be happier!!!!

Thanks George.

Jenuine said...

Tracy, I think your post sums it up.
For myself, I think it rekindled my faith in people - in that, the show/George seems to bring to light the passion in guests, especially ones you may have thought were so one dimensional. I also love how The Hour showcases a high ratio of guests that completely involve themselves in higher causes. Perhaps to inspire more tolerance and understanding, or to ignite action from others wanting to contribute in some way.
To answer your question though, the show has opened my eyes a little wider on a variety of things and exposed me to new people, new friends (bloggers & otherwise), worthwhile causes, authors, music, shows, more interest in politics & international news...I could go on & on.
The extraordinary diversity in the show, compells me to learn more about people/topics that previously I may not have given a second thought to.
You might even call it:
"channel surfing with a brain."

Steph A. said...

Two words...Arcade Fire :)