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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stroumboulopouli passes 100 000 views!

With all the hoopla and insanity of the Holiday season, we missed celebrating a big milestone here at the Stroumboulopouli... our 100, 000 view! It may be a little late, but honestly, who doesn't enjoy a little celebration in the middle of the January blahs???

Thanks to everyone who stops by to check out what's going on... if you're a lurker, come and post one of these days, we'd love to hear from you.

A quick game of blog trivia... what was the very first topic covered on this blog way back in May of 2006? Hey you! The one clicking on the blog archive... no cheating!!! Yes, that means YOU! ;)

I'll post the answer here later in the week.

Thanks everyone!

1 comment:

Jenuine said...

*blows a party horn, throws confetti*

Well, I for one think it's a huge milestone.....Thank you Barbara, thanks past & present contributors, thank you viewers & commenter's!

Pssst. Mich. So who was it?