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Thursday, January 03, 2008

This just in...

Today, from The Hour's website...

"The Hour's video podcast was recognized by iTunes staff as the best new video podcast of 2007. The podcast consistently ranks as one of the most popular in Canada, with nearly 100,000 downloads a week".


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I think this to be an amazing stretch for human kind. It's good to know that people out there are searching for the correct news.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering....there was a fabulous discussion going on about Ike Turner and whether we can seperate actions from the art....where did it go? finally a thread that got people talking and debating and sharing ideas and you delete it?

xo legs

Janna said...

Hi Legs,

I deleted it.
I made the decision after a close personal friend read it and was devastated. She suffered terrible domestic abuse and was upset at our debate that there even was one.

Plus, I was just tired of some of the mudslinging and I will admit to being part of it so it was also more so I wouldn't be more tempted to comment.

Sorry to disapoint you but if you have any ideas for a new debate worthy blog I would be MORE than happy to hear them!



Anonymous said...

perhaps some of us engaged in the discussion hae been victims of violence against women as well? or work in the domestic violence centre? a good debate often helps to educate...just a thought.....