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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Coming Up on The Hour January 14th-18th

Who's On this Week? Glad you Asked!

Monday January 14th - Athletes and Adventurers

He's a 4 time World Champion Canadian Figure Skater, the first man to land a quadruple jump in competition and a perpetual fan favourite. Kurt Browning will spin by The Hour to share what's up next for him.

You might not complain about your personal challenges quite as much after hearing from Warren MacDonald!
After losing both legs in a climbing accident in 1997, Wa rren has gone on to climb Mt. Killimanjaro, El Capitan and more... the author of 'A Test of Will' and subject of the documentary 'A Second Step' will join George.

Tuesday January 15th - Real and Reel life Drama

Belinda Stronach - Her name alone generates discussion and strong opinions. So much to be discussed ... her decision to leave politics to return to the family business, philanthropy, personal relationships and health. Tune in to see the conversation unfold as she returns to The Hour.

Nazneen Contractor- one of the Stars of the new CBC series "The Border" - a show described by the Executive Producer as "24, but with a conscience" will stop by The Hour on Tuesday.
Could this slick series make strides during neverending reruns caused by the writers strike?

Wednesday January 16th - Actor and Activist

A mainstay of Canadian television who's perhaps best known for his current role as the endearing and perpetually cranky Oscar Leroy on Corner Gas - Eric Peterson is a passionate champion of performers' rights and has actively lobbied for more Canadian dramatic programming. Peterson will be honoured with ACTRA Toronto's Award of Excellence in Feburary 2008.

* Note that this interview is scheduled to be taped Wednesday* It may air an alternate day

Thursday and Friday... nothing is officially listed.
Consult your crystal ball or better yet...
Check out the Schedule on the Hour's website for the latest updates!

Is an Hour not enough for ya? Check out the rotating clips of extras, outtakes, random musings and bizzare little gems on After the Hour.


joe said...

Hey! I just wanted to note that on TvGuide Canada and on the CBC listings, Sinead O'Connor is on Wednesday and Blair Underwood is on Thursday.

BTW, Ijust had a quick question. What ever happened to the list at the end of each show. It was there for the first part of the fall season but then it was dropped about a month later. Was it not success ful?


joe said...

Sorry me again. The official site says Wednesday, will be Eric Peterson/James Appathurai, with Sinead moving to next week.

Sorry :( (They updated the coming up page on the official site as I was posting the first message.)

Barbara said...

I know they keep changing it up...
hard to keep up when they shuffle it around. Thank you Philip.

Barbara said...

Belinda called in sick... schedules are just guess work and luck sometimes... They give you Jason Blake instead.

carol s said...

People would actually email him about football sheets!?!?

I am not sure what that says about society... lol

Barbara said...

Do they even make football sheets?

carol s said...

They do, Barbara.
Shams, curtains, valances, bed skirts, comforters.
You name it... lol

Barbara said...

I would love allouette sheets...

But I can't find any....

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that says "bachelor living alone" than football bed sheets.


carol s said...

Ahhhh, the Als. The first live game attended, grade 10 French trip. Sitting at Olympic Stadium watching the ants play... lol Have a soft spot for the Als since I watched Eric Lapointe play in university...

Oh yes, bed sheets.... I was looking at the NFL store since they are still playing. If you are a Packers fan, you are all set!