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Sunday, May 13, 2007

What's on The Hour This Week (May 14th)

According to The Hour's website and the CBC Program Guide...

Monday, May 14th

Michael Buble (Canadian singer)

Tom Anderson (MySpace founder and most popular friend)
There is a lot of controversy about this guy. I wonder how the conversation will go.

Tuesday, May 15th

Sean Cullen (Canadian comedian and actor)
I sure loved him in Corky and the Juice Pigs. Besides seeing him at Montreal's Just for Laughs comedy festival and I have also seen while I was out on a run - he was shooting a commercial in a park near my house. A little weird to see a dude in a top hat when I am used to seeing kids playing soccer and dog walkers.

Wednesday, May 16th

Tom Morello (guitarist from Rage Against the Machine)

Thursday, May 17th

Likely pre-empted by hockey.

* Guests subject to change. Check the official site for the latest schedule.


Barbara said...

Sometime soon the interview with George will be ready for viewing.
Be prepared for a 30 minute interview, no commercials. :-)

Anonymous said...

i was just thinking of the interview hehe...really 'm excited to see it:)...

Barbara said...

Me too. I was not a part of the editing process so I have not 'seen it' yet... I don't want to see me on camera but I do want to see how it turned out.