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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two new podcasts by Alex & Nick.. go listen!

I was coming here to post that Episode 2 was up and when I went to get the blurb about it I found that Episode 3 is now there as well! Here's the synopsis of each episode straight from the site.

Episode 2: Get out the yellow tape :
Cop killers, hung over home invasions and three thumbed pigs. It’s all there in Hot Dog Log Jam Episode 2.

I'd stay away from these guys and/or their friends on Halloween after listening to this one.

Episode 3: You’re searching for good times: Here’s another scorcher. We’ve got stories about real life time travel, working, Perfect Strangers, squatting in Birmingham and getting high on cough syrup. It’s about time.

I've not listened to this one yet but I'll bet it's good. Go listen to the boys at It'll be good for you. Well it'll at least be an amusing way to spend some time.

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