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Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 20 - 25 what's up?

If you wanted to see it live in studio this week this is the schedule as of May 19th.
Monday, May 21st - SOLD OUT
Tuesday, May 22nd - SOLD OUT
Wednesday, May 23rd
Thursday, May 24th - taping with Lowell Bergman 1:30 - 2:00pm
Thursday, May 24th - SOLD OUT
Sunday May 20th.
Will the Strombo Show be live?
I asked the man in person on Thursday and he was not sure at the time.
As it turned out it was live. Just Bob and George. It was great. Just like old times.
Monday May 21st
William Joseph is David Foster's next big star...
Ex-Gay Movement:
One of the films being screened at the gay and lesbian film festival taking place in Toronto this week, is a documentary called Abomination, about the ex-gay movement.
Is Monday night still disinformation night?
Harry Shearer of The Simpsons, of This is Spinal Tap
Tuesday May 22nd
Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club and his latest book 'Rant'.
Wednesday May 23
They are taping a show for airing later in June... Hockey is still preempting the show.
Thursday May 24rd
Pulitzer-prize winning Journalist, Lowell Bergman will be on the show.
I am hoping by Friday we will have our own interview to present to you on this blog...
In a series called She Asked.... we start with She Asked George Stroumboulopoulos.


Allan said...

Aren't tickets for The Hour free?
So how can they be "sold out"?

Perhaps you were probably thinking of the staff who work there.

Barbara said...

Sold out means no more seats left because the show is popular and people like to go see it live Allan. :-)
We decided to post the interview with George on the evening of May 30th.

Brooksie said...

Really liked tonight show (Wednesday's).

In light of today's opening story I thought I would share one of my own. Well, actually my husband's. Our upstairs neighbour came knocking on our door seeking assistance. There was a pigeon in his apartment. He had a tennis racket in one hand and a golf club in the other. Did he want to swat it or hit it to death? Yikes. My husband grabbed a pair of oven mitts and used them to gently pick up the bird and put it out the window. Problem solved.