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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The set up...

Erin had an idea for the stroumboulopouli. Why don't we interview George for the blog?
I asked George if he would do the interview and he agreed. I asked him if we could videotape it and he agreed to that as well. We taped it May 2nd and will have it up in a week or two.
Many people have questions for George and I invited people to suggest questions for the interview.

This is what Erin wrote in response to the news that George will agree to the interview:
Out of all the questions I suggested, I hope you'll consider asking:
Between the show, email, myspace, facebook, and you make yourself available to your fans. Why is this dialogue between your audience and you so important?

George agreeing to this interview is just further demonstration that he appreciates his fans and having open communication with him. I haven't actually met any other celebrities but I don't think this is a common occurrence and George should be commended for it.

Myself, I've spoken with George a couple of times this past year. Each time, he blows my mind.

I met him for the first time in October and I remember shaking his hand and saying "Nice to meet you" and his response was "No, what's your name?" and I was blown away that this guy who has interviewed anyone-who's-anyone and meets hundred's of fans a week is actually wanting to know my name. Then in December, 2 months later, I went to another taping. While standing in line to enter the studio, George came over tapped me on the shoulder and said "how's it going?" and struck up a conversation. Once, we got inside my friend said to me, George remembers you. I just shook my head and said no way. After the taping, I stayed to ask him a question and his comment was "You've been here before." Blew me away, I had met the guy 2 months earlier and not said anything worth remembering, in my recollection.

In January, I sent an email to one of George's email addresses with a show idea. Only to get a email reply back asking for my number. George called me to say it was a good idea and they were considering doing the show....craziness to have George actually call me. Although, I completely blew the phone call and unfortunately my brain was snatched and I turned into a valleygirl - the words shut up and totally actually left my mouth....not the greatest part of the memory.

Anyways, in February, I again went to the show. George was extremely sick (however, he hid it well, total professional and I didn't realize until after I had waited to speak to him). I didn't get to talk to him as he had to go to the doctors but before he left he said that he knew who I was, that he called me and he had my number. Just when I didn't think I could be impressed anymore by the man...without me introducing myself and only speaking with him 3 times, he actually knew and recognize me.

I'm extremely impressed with the man and I am constantly recommending the Hour to my friends.I don't think my experience is uncommon which is why I'm so curious why dialogue with fans is so important to George. Is he just a nice guy? Is he trying to increase viewership? Is he going for sainthood? All of the above?

Anyways, that's my lengthy explanation...I'm really glad you decided to pursue this blog idea.

All the best,

So we did the interview and will have it posted in a couple of weeks...

I think you may be surprised by the answers.

One thing I can tell you in advance is The Hour will run all summer long. The show will stop taping mid June but will air taped shows that have not yet been seen and best of shows all summer long.
The man does turn off the blackberry before an interview

Barbara W.


Angie said...

As someone who was a fly on the wall for the interview I can honestly say that it went really well. The questions were good and the responses were not what I expected at all. I had trouble not cracking up a few times. George was very gracious and it was alot of fun to sit in on!

Brooksie said...

Looking forward to see it!

Anonymous said...

Erin, thanks for your interesting observations, comments and insight that I can relate to! He seems to remember so many faces and came up from behind one time and caught us off guard ! He asked the name of my friend who was standing a little distance back and she appreciated that. It is amazing you had a call back too about your idea ! I had sent an idea in a couple of times but didn't hear anything.


Erin said...

Barbara deserves all the credit for making this happen, I just submitted an email to the blog with an idea. I'm so happy she decided to run with the idea and make it happen. I look forward to seeing the final product!

Amy - glad you enjoyed the read. I continue to be impressed everytime I go to see a taping. I'm happy to hear you've had the same sort of experience!

Barbara said...

I am looking forward to seeing it to. Can't wait. Thank again Erin for suggesting it.
Stephanie D is my producer and editor and Shelley was camera operator and Angie what photographer... so I had an all female crew working with me.
It looks like next we are interviewing Jian Ghomeshi... :-)
Any questions for Jian?

Kerri said...

Barbara, you're awesome!
Looking forward to the interview.

When I went to my first taping of the 'The Hour', George came right up to us and talked to us in line. The second taping I went to, it was pretty much the same thing, although we arrived late-ish, when talking to him after the taping, it was like talking to someone I had known for years. Very personable.

Miss A said...


First George, now Jian...this may be the start of a whole new career for you!!! ;-)

Todd said...

though I don't really watch the hour, I am looking forward to seeing the interview! :)