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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And Last But Not Least... Okay Just Late....

Hi!!! Let me introduce myself.....

I'm Janna. Most of you probably know me as J.

I am the latest member of The Stroumboulopouli. And really "better late then never" is what I always think I should say. I actually say "I may be late but I am worth the wait!" Which I hope is true in this case as well.

I have been a viewer since Season Two and I am a huge fan. I try to pretend I am not but I am.
Although, I think Barbara is a way bigger fan then me. LOL! Right, B?

And I have always wanted to be part of this blog. *eyes glaze over in a starlit swoon* and I asked and here I am.

I am fairly opinionated in 3D life and I imagine that will make me even more in 2D and I am not shy about emailing George my opinions on his show or his work or just him.

I like a good debate and I know there are good debaters out there... so I can only hope we have fun getting to know each other and debating the show.

That is one thing George is really good for... CONTROVERSY!

He is also a really great artist as a whole. He is super intelligent which makes him great to watch. He does his preparation for his work, which makes him super professional. And he is a super nice guy! (It took a while to be convinced he was.)

More then that he is politically and socially conscious... and I love that. It means I can watch a Canadian television show and have a dialogue with someone regarding the content. Almost unheard of in our country. I can even have a dialogue with the host of the show!

Well there you go... that is a little about me and what I hope to bring to this blog.

So drop me a line... say "hello".... or throw out a challenge. You know, whatever floats your boat.



Hawa said...

yay J!

ok umm, i also think you should get your own personal blog, like the ones you do on myspace...your a really good writer!

Barbara said...

Welcome aboard J! It's good to have you here. Looking forward to reading your bold style.

Angie said...

All I have to say is it's about damn time! Welcome chicky!

Janna said...

Awh! Hawa you are very sweet.
I do have a personal blog but I just don't let anyone read it.. but thanks... I will think about it!!!

B, I am often too bold... you might have to do some proof reading

Angie... Yeah Yeah, I know... late as usual... Thanks!

Lauren said...

J, you'll do fine. Don't let them edit you! Just write, let your passion go and speak the truth of your heart.
It's what makes you a great writer. It's going to be great!

Janna said...

LOL! Why would they edit me!? Do I seem nervous or worried I won't do fine? LOL! you make me laugh, sometimes.

Lauren said...

Sometimes? I am not working hard enough on the laugh factor!
Proof reading, editing, cowering in terror at your opinions, you know. :)
Just, don't ever change.