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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Alex's new podcast

Any of you who have listened to the Strombo Show on Sunday nights will be familiar with George's friend and coworker Alex. He and his friend Nick have started a new podcast and even though Alex wasn't very pleased with some of my comments during last week's show I thought I'd promote it anyway. I had a listen and enjoyed it. Here's what the man himself had to say on a myspace bulletin.

Hey Everyone! The Hot Dog Log Jam is finally up and running. It's a podcast filled with hilarity and music. So if you like to laugh and if you like to listen to wicked awesome music then check out It's suppose to be updated weekly and you're suppose to be able to subscribe to it and all that bloggy type stuff. hopefully we got it working.

So go have a listen. If you like Alex on the Strombo show (personally he's usually my favourite part of the show) then here's a chance to take in a bit more of the Alex experience.


Janna said...

TSK TSK! Angie! Pissing off Alex!?!?
What did you do? Call his Linus small?

Anonymous said...

What happened to last nights radio programme?

I have been a fan of George since he was on mm. Lately I have begun to become to feel that he doesn't care anymore. The radio programme is not a big commitment. With commericials and news on CJAD and CFBR, its what, 90 minutes? In his busy schedule he can't sit down for and hour and a half a pre-record something? What about the others? I think last weekend drove the nail in the coffin for me. It was obvious that he wasn't working on "assignment". He was off doing his own thing. This weekend a no show. The final nail is the casket. Yes, it was Mother's Day, but I'm not sure that that was a good enough excuse. Not that I event think that was why he was away. Other people have to show up for work. Can we even recall one month of LIVE shows? I can't. I don;t even really know why CJAD and CFBR puts up with it.

I don;t want to gossip or start a rumors and for this reason I will keep my ideas on whats going on in my own head. But I think something is going on with him. I'm just worried that he is on a downward spiral of some sorts.

Can we have a serious discussion about this? People here always explain away his lack of commitment to the radio programme, the tv programme and the website. People should stop defending him and start expecting better from him.


Brooksie said...

Downward spiral? When I hear that term I think of Lindsay Lohan or Whitney Houston. Not George. Unless you KNOW something I do not know.

Do I think he has a lack of commitment to the radio show AND The Hour AND his website? No. I think it is more about priorities - what is his work and what are his pastimes. I have a feeling he has a lot going on workwise that is behind the scenes. I don't judge him for that. The Hour delivers.

If I memory serves me correctly the radio show started in the fall of 2005 because of the CBC lockout. It was something for Bob and George to do until they could go back to work. They both have their roots in radio. I have no idea if they are under contract with cfrb/cjad. No idea what their obligations are. No idea how they are compensated. It was said that it is not a paid gig for Alex. None of my business anyway.

I do like the radio show because I like hearing Bob, Alex and George interact. But if doing it gets in the way of other more rewarding projects (financially and/or emotionally) or just having a day off, I cannot hold it against them.

Do I think his personal website is lacking? Sure. I do not think he has the time or the personality for a personal blog type of site. Only a handful of prominent working actors and musicians in my opinion have done it well. They also have a team to help them run them (I have done a little research :-).

Not sure that I know of any interviewers who have good active personal sites. Not sure that they should have 'day in the life' or opinion/rant type blogs anyway.

Brooksie said...

Actually the only interviewer I know of who has a great personal site is Rosie O'Donnell. I think what she is doing with her online presence is amazing.

Angie said...

Well Janna first I was happy that it was just Bob and Alex and he thought I just wanted to hear them fight (not completely untrue), I also suggested changing the things we like music (I just can't handle it), I don't remember what the third thing was. It was great fun!


I'm as disappointed as anyone whenever the Strombo show isn't live -trust me. I make no excuses for George (or the rest of the Strombo show crew) if they need time off or have other commitments it's none of my business. That doesn't stop me from griping to George via myspace though. Having spoken to him in person a couple of times I can assure you there is no lack of commitment to any of his projects. Personally I think that may be the problem. There's only one George - there are numerous projects and millions of fans. There are only so many hours in the day. If Mother's Day was the reason for no live show last night that just makes me respect all of them more. Family first after all.

Barbara said...

I finally got a chance to listen to the podcast... Funny and not half bad for the first effort. The music was a bit weird but it went with the themes they were talking about. It's no 'CBC Radio Three podcast' but I would listen to the next one.

Janna said...

Angie! Funny Funny. You should myspace him. he is great fun!
I love hearing them fight but I love it when Alex gets under George's skin. George just gets all flustered and can't get it together... sooo funny. The week with the Vegas stories... the best.

Thanks for feeling comfortable to voice your opinion.
Barb, interviewed George and the interview should be up shortly... I think some of your concerns will be answered but I will tell you I have seen him loose his spark over the last year. I know he has had some rough personal stuff in the past year... and I think he is super focused on the summer right now. But the Strombo Show has sucked. I used to listen for enjoyment now I can barely care. I suspect George has too much on his plate right now. Myspace him or email him. Voice your concerns... sometimes he does respond.

As for the downward spiral,
I am more then willing to have a serious discussion with you on this. Tell me what you really think is going on.

Anonymous said...

Aimee was right. People (jenna) DO explain away is behavior. so what if he has personal problems. Get over it and do your freaking job.


Brooksie said...

The tricky thing with the situation is that we are all making assumptions with minimal to no information, going with gut feelings and interpretations on comments or lack of comments.

Personally, I do not feel like I am owed an explanation. I never perceived the radio show as a work gig of his. It was a bonus. Though I think a podcast might be a cool option instead of a live radio show. I like the option of choosing when and how to listen to a show. Though that negates the live aspect of radio. Dilemma! :-)

Miss A said...

"H" wrote: "Aimee was right. People (Janna) DO explain away his behavior. so what if he has personal problems. Get over it and do your freaking job."


Janna's comment about George perhaps enduring "some rough personal stuff" is something that I would think everyone can identify with. The only difference being that we are not in the public eye. In the public eye, people expect you to be "on" all the time. A tall order if you have stuff going on.

Without going into detail, for the past five months or so, I've had stuff to deal with and I have found living up to the "on" factor in my world to be both physically and emotionally exhausting...and I'm not on TV. Your comment Janna really struck a chord with me...if you are correct, I totally get it.

So "H", what's that expression...something about walking a mile in someone else's shoes? After all, beyond his "job", he is first and foremost, a human being. There is something to be said for compassion, understanding and kindness.

Alex said...

ummm, only one of these 10 comments is actually about hotdoglogjam... what the F? can we focus people?

Erin said...

Alex - you are f'ing harilious! Just because you posted that, I will go and listen to your podcast...for more hilarity and music!

Brooksie said...

I can appreciate the need for focus. I have written posts where the comments never once were in connection with the post itself. But I also have grown to accept how comments have a life of their own and the discussion can go in other directions.

I will go listen to the podcast. Just have not had the time - yet. :-)

Angie said...

I'm suddenly feeling like a scolded Terribly sorry Alex we'll keep to the point.

Ladies and gentlemen please check out podcast number two as well. There's some discussion about police and some amusing Halloween misadventures.

Brooksie said...

I tend to listen to podcasts when I take the bus/metro. We are dealing with a transit strike now. Getting rides from friends so no podcasts for me. But I promise I will catch up.

Janna said...

LOL! Of all the people... Alex, you are still my favourite radio host.

H, If you think that George is doing such a bad job... then... what should he be doing?

What would make his radio show better? Besides having Alex there more?

Miss A said...

Sorry Alex...but you know how it is...all about George...I've heard you say it...

I DID listen to the podcasts. Most excellent! Keep up the good work! :D

Brooksie said...

I loaded the first podcast on my iPod. Listen to it as I waited for a wreslting show to start (weird life of mine). Entertaining. Will listen to the rest on public transit now that the strike is over.