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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Strombo Show - Sunday, April 29th

According to George's website The Strombo Show is live tonight - 9-11PM Eastern. He will be joined by Alex and Bob (yes, it says Bob is back!).

You can tune in via the web at CFRB or via traditional radio at CJAD 800 in Montreal and CFRB 1010 in Toronto . You can post comments during the show on George's MySpace. As well, a group of us listen and chat over at the Strombo Forum.


Anonymous said...

As time has gone on I am finding Strombo more and more annoying. Even his so-called radio co-hosts are pointing out his flaws. Too bad he does not seem them himself.

Last nights show was a great example of what a flawed person he has become. That joke about that email abotu someone being ten weeks pregnant and he seemed worried for a split second. Maybe thats a message that perhaps he shouldn't sleep around so much. Just a thought. Then that author guy. George seemed to like that book alot. Almost as it he'd written the fool thing himself. If George wants people to think less of him, he sure as s**t is going about it the right way. The I'm soooo cool act is wearing thin. Even his own friends are seeing through it. That ALec guy is bang on. Strombo needs to grow up. And you my space groopies need to get over him. He really does not care about you. Unless of course you are the girl du jur.
Signed, H

Barbara said...

Yet you listen to the strombo show and read our blog H... interesting.

I think that is the thing... Even id George annoys you, what he does is still interesting.

Anonymous said...

The 10 weeks pregnant thing was likely a joke, H. Calm down and continue to listen and enjoy.

Miss A said...

"Signed, H":

It's du jour, NOT du jur.
It's groupies, NOT groopies.
It's Alex, NOT Alec.
It's if you don't like him, WHY do you bother listening to him?

You may have actually inspired me to set up a Myspace page!! I've always wondered what it would be like to be a "groupie" ever since reading the book "I'm With the Band" back when I was in high school...thanks;-}