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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Schedule Changes

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have started which means the CBC schedule is not to be trusted. My advice? Go with the flow. Be flexible. Anticipate the unexpected for the next couple of months. What does this mean for The Hour? I do not have the inside scoop, but from the few minutes I saw of the Newsworld edition of the show at 8 p.m. it seems we will be treated to the Greatest Hits (aka George shows us the variety of his wardrobe - snicker) when there is a conflict between the hockey games and regularly scheduled shows. Your best bet to stay up to date is to check out The Hour's upcoming show page or visit this blog. We will try to keep you covered.

Tonight: Tony Campolo, Rob Stewart, and Chris Gardner.


Hedy said...

i'm trying to listen to your advice Barbara, and remain flexible, but i'm still disappointed. The Hour is the one show my husband and I can agree on, now tonight at 10pm you'll find us arguing about what to watch instead - the Simpsons for him, or American Idol / America's Next Top Model for me (we have satellite so they are all on a few times a night) Ah well.

Angie said...

But I don't wanna be flexible. Actually it's cool 'cause it's for hockey. Any other reason though would be unacceptable.

Brooksie said...

This post was by me - Brooksie not Barbara. :-)

I hate pre-emption on TV. Alas, when it comes to sports it is my lot in life. I watch the shows Smallville and Bones in the autumn and in my area it airs on a Fox channel which gets all messed up during the World Series. I set up the VCR to tape things and get very lengthy 8th and 9th innings instead of cute people doing silly things.