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Monday, April 09, 2007

Crossover Artistry - Examples

A few examples of Crossovers from The Hour...

The List - Top 5 Actors Who Sing

The List - Top 5 Most Successful Musicians Turned Actors

The List - Top 5 Canadian Athletes Who Tried Their Hand at Music

The List - Top 5 Athletes Who Have Served in Parliment

The Closer - George's Hockey Broadcasting Hopes (read the text)


Anonymous said...

Can George translate this... Regarding the states... Have you ever noticed George that at the rate the Americans are going Russia and East Germany will have more freedoms than them in no time... I wonder if they noticed their borders closing up and their rights slipping away yet? I always thought that someone should compare Bush to Hitler.. what do you think

Brooksie said...

FYI - this blog is about The Hour and about Geroge's activities but he is not a part of the blog. He is aware of it but does not participate in its entries or comments. If you would like to ask him a question better to contact him directly at his own personal site