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Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Team Blog Member - Hedy

Hello Stoumboulopoli readers! My name is Hedy and I’m adding my name and writing to this wonderful blogging team. My work and school keep me pretty busy, but I never miss an episode of The Hour and often spend my Sunday nights listening to The Strombo Show while frantically finishing up some last minute paperwork before Monday morning rolls around.

Unfortunately, I’ve just become a regular watcher of The Hour this year – as my schedule conflicted during its first two seasons – but I feel as though George has been a constant in my life – whether hosting the Punk Show on Much Music or fascinating millions of Canadians with his plea for Tommy Douglas as the Greatest Canadian – I’ve been a fan and an admirer for years.

I’m really looking forward to having the chance to voice my thoughts on both The Hour and The Strombo Show, as well as some of the politics and pop culture that are talked about on both shows. I don’t always agree with everything that is said or like everything that is recommended, but that’s the part of the shows that I like the best – that they allow for a difference of opinion and for those differences to be discussed and debated. The most recent debate in my house is around George’s humour. In one corner is me laughing at George’s jokes on the Hour vs. my partner yelling at the tv for George to “Be More Funny!!”. He is currently asking that Nile hosts the Hour regularly or that he be allowed to write all of George’s material.

I hope that blogging on the fabulous Stroumboulopoli will allow for differing opinions, debates and discussions and a space for me to ramble on about The Hour, the Strombo Show, and the man I can’t seem to get enough of, no matter what path he chooses. Thanks for the space!

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Barbara said...

Welcome to the Stroumboulopouli Hedy. Great post. Great start.