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Monday, April 09, 2007

Crossover Artistry

In light of our esteemed television hosts shirtless appearance on the weekend.

I have a question: What do you guys/gals/transgendered friends think of people who cross over in their careers?

For example: Jacques Villeneuve or the obvious Hillary Duff or Lindsay Lohan. People who start as one career professional but because of their fame or their abilities crossover into something else.

What about George's multiple careers? I heard him musing on the weekend about wanting to announce sports in the future.

Thoughts? Comments?


Brooksie said...

I think some people do the cross over thing because of a genuine talent they have in more than one area. I think there are people who started in music but became successful in acting and then with that success was able to get a record deal (i.e. Jamie Fox). They have a name now and getting people to buy their record is easier. Of course, for some this does not work out so well. People cannot take them seriously as a singer or actor or what ever they are trying to crossover into.

In terms of singers becoming actors I think part of that has to do with music videos. It seems to me that acting in a music video is different than acting in a play, movie or TV show and they just cannot bring about a good performance when they try to make the switch (I am thinking of Madonna here).

The rare one that works would be athletes and the performing arts.

Terri said...

It seems so rare that an artist is able to make a crossover into another area and be good at both the new profession and maintian the old one. It just seems like they become mediocre in every aspect.

My take on the increasing number of crossover artists is exposure and a bigger paycheck. Ok, "now that you have made a CD, lets put you in a movie so that people will see you and then go and buy your CD." It doesn't seem to matter if the movie, or even the CD is any good, as long as people will go and buy it. I think that if you want to be really good at something you need to concentrate on that one thing.

Brooksie said...

Just to clarify - I think it is rare for the athlete to performing arts crossover to work.

Allan said...

You had me at
"hosts shirtless appearance"
No pictures?

Cloverbell said...

Let's not forget that people are different in all capacities. The creative mind is diverse. So, I kind of doubt that actors make this switch to music as if it were a new hobby or to make more money.

If you think of preforming as a type of artistic expression and music as also another type of artistic expression then....
Acting and singing aren't all that different. Not a big deal. It's just another type of expression.

cherriTerri said...

It is true that a truly creative mind is diverse and will search for many outlets to express that creativity.

It is a big jump, however to call the massive amount of crap out there creative or made by a creative mind. Most music and movies lately are made according to a formula in order to get people in seats or to buy a disc. There seems to be a lack of true creativity and the few who are out there who posess it are not often as recognized as they should be.

Anonymous said...

Gals, as your premier outing, this topic has been lousy. Like the hour, this blog may be dying a slow and painful death. RIP.

Barbara said...

So brave of you to say that anonymous... :-b you are wrong about this blog and you are wrong about The Hour too...but thanks for caring enough to comment. :-)

squid said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't sport's announcing still considered broadcasting? Whethor it's on the radio, television, news or sports, isn't it the same?