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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do you Q?


Jian Ghomeshi's new radio show on CBC Radio One started on Monday April 16Th.
You can catch it at 2 pm or 10 pm online or tune in to your local CBC Radio One channel.

His guests sometimes seem to follow the line up for The Hour's scheduled guests Like Sarah Polley, only Q is not preempted for Hockey... Is it The Hour on radio?
Not exactly, but you should listen and hear for yourself.
Q's first guest was Lorena Mckennitt, a very warm and interesting artist. But the guests can be anyone from the famous or obscure but interesting. Artist you have heard of and Artist you will hear more about soon.
One thing Q does do that you wont find on The Hour, is correspondents reporting live from all parts of the world on The Arts and Entertainment scene globally, but with a Canadian perspective. It can be anything from rap concerts in China to literature from South Africa.

Jian has an easy going, humorous interview style that is worth a listen and it could become a habit. It has for me.
As JG said on The Hour's opener this week you will still see him as a correspondent for The Hour, but you can hear him weekdays doing the thing he does best.
Barbara W.


Anonymous said...

I'm listening to the Q online. I like it..i think jian's show is going pretty well..honestly, i ike it more than the last season of The Hour;)...hope, he keeps up the good work!!

Barbara said...

I am sure Jian would thank you for that then say something snarky but funny...
Jian and his crew have been working very hard on Q for months now. You can write Q at

Allan said...

Fantastic news!
And leave it to the great me to be the one to tell you. is open for business!

Our favorite cutie has opened up his blog for comments.
Why, it's a revolution I tells ya.
I may have to go to a second hand to count all the things George has done right.

Allan said...

fom George:
"... I first heard it on an awesome radio station called Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles... You can listen online... I love it... ".

He loves it. A radio station in L.A.
Not the CBC or CFRB or another local station, but one available online.
This prompts a few questions.
What are they doing that's so great?
Why aren't stations in Toronto doing it?
Stand at Dundas Square and you're within a block of four radio stations. And I can't believe for a moment that anyone listens to any of them.
(certainly everyone here is listening to Q, right?)
What if George became program director of one of them and created a station that he would want to listen to?
That would be, like, totally awesome!
My only fear is that he would eventually give Ghomeshi a show.

Barbara said...

Allan your back.
Yes I did notice George has a place for comments on his site and they are up and running. :-)
I happen to be listening to Q right now and I am enjoying it. Jian has my heart...or at least a part of it.
The interview with George will happen next week then give us time to edit .... hoping it will be up in two weeks... knock on wood.

Allan said...

Edit George?
Don't you dare!

Barbara said...

Allan, we are going to be running two cameras. We'll have a choice of cuts to make. My camera operator gets to make those decisions.

Angie said...

I really like Q. I also like Jian - he spells guests names so you can go look them up. Very helpful!

Anonymous said...

i love that spelling too ...jian's great. i'm really enjoying it..somehow i wish Q was on TV!!

Green Tea - Iced Tea said...

maybe jian's so used to having to spell his own name to everyone?

I know I am!

Allan said...

Why 2 cameras?
Are you planning to make it a YouTube?