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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vote Nite On The One!


"OH. YOU PUT THEM THERE" - George to "THE ONE" audience on voting someone off the show on the second episode.

Tonight's show had a little more spice than the debut of "THE ONE". With so many performances to get through in the first night, it was hard not to feel as if the channel had been changed to a karaoke nightmare, especially since much of the format has been done before. Right from the get-go, George was "the George" we have grown to love (in Canada). There was much more of his hard hitting attitude, than during the previous night. He was in his element conversing with the audience and the contestants. The first night George was an announcer, but tonight he was the host!

If anyone missed the concept of elimination night. Here it goes: On elimination night there are three votes. The viewer/audience chooses the bottom three contestants who must then perform to prove themselves in both talent and growth. Based upon that performance, the judges vote to save one from elimination. Then, facing a jury of their peers, including the "saved one", a contestant is chosen to go home. So far, the aspiring singers have made a pact to vote off the contestant with the weakest performance. As drama incuses at "the One Academy" will this be the sole bias for their choices? I guess we'll have to tune in to find out.

Guest contributor
Sarah F.


:-P. Master said...

I hope they are paying George a truckload of cash to do The One. It's going to be expensive installing air conditioning in Hell.

Barbara said...

I liked the way he teased the audience with that quip. 'Oh, You put them there.' I will have to watch it just for those quotes.
Austin Carroll should win the thing. It's just clear to me that he has 'it'. But what do I know?

Teddy said...

Hellish, indeed.

Georgie must have been absolutely disgusted with himself at having to at first tell Michael that he had to stay, and then releasing him to safety.

Funny thing, if you listen to Michael's original stuff (, it's not that bad.

But the show sux. Plain and simple. Does George really want to be another Ben Mulroney? I guess he just has to finish off his contract, and be done with.

Feel his pain, SPouli. Feel his pain.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i LOVE that hell comment.

and sadly, i know that it was nick that had to stay and then sit down, not michael.

as for the "pact", the blonde one with the in house drama romance thing going on has already said she will vote for her 'friend' and not for the best performance.

Anonymous said...

I dunno...seeing George host the Hour is growing on me. At first, I was worried about how it would affect his credibility since I think he's way too smart and talented to do this sort of show.

Now I understand that hosting the show is a good opportunity for him. As annoying and cheesy the One may be, George is the only real thing about it. American reality shows are pretty formulaic and George is anything but boring and predictable. He's stayed true to himself and seems resilient to the fake/cheesy world of reality tv.

George has also insisted that he intends to come back to the Hour, which shows that he is in fact geniune and credible.

I say we try to be positive about the situation for the next 9 weeks. As much as we wish he hadn't taken this gig, we all want him to be happy and enjoy continued success. It must have been a tough decision for him to make and he needs our support more than ever now!

I do admit that miss him lots, his nosering and his sexy style (although the suit is a nice touch) but behind these changes, he's still our Georgie.


Bevvy said...

I meant seeing him host the ONE is growing on me...I obviously can't wait until he's back! :)

Allison said...

re:air conditioning in Hell
yes, Installation fees would be rough, but imagine the upkeep in util. costs!

Teddy said...

668: oops

You're right. See how much I paid attention?

She's Crafty said...

Barbara, it's ALL about the quips isn't it.

I would have been more comfortable with this career move on George's part, if it had come between his move from Much and hosting "The Hour". "The Hour" is such a fantastic program that pretty much anything else he does is going to seem a little less fabulous. (Maybe that's just me?)

Until "The Hour" is back in the Fall, I am going to enjoy the laughs I get watching "The One". The content might not be as credible but that's not George's fault. Keep bringing those one liners George!
Sarah F.

J said...

Guys.... I think George looks so so so uncomfortable. I taped the results show and for real. The way he is pulling at his jacket. The planted spread feet.Even his little grooving between commercials. But the fact that he just walks off the stage for commercials or for the end of the show... I just think he is miserable. It is too bad. I hope they let him put his nosering back in and wear some runners.

I think once he gets interviewing he gets feeling more comfortable, the best line last night besides the "Oh, you put them there." Is the " Y'all!" That is so Canadian.

She's Crafty said...

Not any runners..."ADIDAS SUPERSTARS". Thought that was important, it's one of his favorites, as in almost never seen in anything else. And, I only work for the company! LOL!

Becky said...

AHHH!!! All this talk of The One is driving me mad.
Just thought I'd let y'all know :P

Barbara said...

We know Becky. If you have other George or The Hour posts you want to do that have nothing to do with The One, Beckster feel free.

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