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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Do's and Don'ts

I'm sure some of you will be tuning in to catch the debut of 'The One' tonight right? I'm still undecided, probably a no. However, while reading the paper this morning I came across a list from the Toronto Star of other top reality TV hosts, and the pitfalls Strombo should try to escape.

One things for sure, its going to be interesting to tune into US morning shows tomorrow and see how many hosts actually pronounce his name right.

*Had a little trouble posting the link. You can find the article in the A&E section*


sillygilly said...

I have a don't for George don't let them talk you into changing your style... oh wait... too late.
I guess ABC doesn't endorse nose rings

Alana said...

I'm watching it right now, and yes, you're exactly right sillygilly. Um, hello? Nose ring? George's personality??

I must say, I'm 15 minutes into the show and hating every second of it. Though George looks fabulous in a suit, that producer dude has the craziest cool facial hair ever...but the show itself, disappointing. In my own opinion, George sticks out like a sore thumb.

Allison said...

Clearly, I'm on the West coast, and it doesn't come on for a bit...but am I hearing right...he took out his nose ring and he's wearing a suit?????

Alana said...

An all-black suit, at least. But correct, no nose ring at all. You wouldn't even know that he wears one.

The producer guy can have a rainbow on his face and George can't have his nose ring.


Allison said...

The show starts here in about 5 mins, I don't think I'm ready for this ;)
Again, I think a before and after photo might be needed!

bevvyhills said...

I think George did a great job tonight - we should all be proud of him! :)

Monica said...

I was really excited about this show. Honesy, I love reality tv and shows like this but I thought it was way too long. George did a great job hosting but I am SO UPSET that he took out his nose ring. Maybe we are just more tolerant in Canada...I don't know. *shaking my head*

Allison said...

OK, it was a little weird. No nose ring, or jeans. But it wasn't horrible (I'm talking about Strombo, not the performers). It was weird to see George on TV, in a musical venue without hearing his opinions! I miss that. But he did do a good job of hosting, but really that wasn't what the debate was about.

sillygilly said...

Why would they go through such trouble to hire someone with the kind of experience George has... and then give him the job of... what- throwing to the video clip? What was the point of this? ahhh George is some much better than that! He could have been one of the judges... at least then he would have been able to show how knowledgeable and unique he is. Its a waste to just have him do the "and we'll be right back after this" stuff.
oh, alana... I love the rainbow on his face thing...

Allison said...

I completely agree. Its just different in the US because he doesn't have exposure, if it was The One in Canada, he could have totally been a judge and people would have listened. Just look what happened with The National Playlist.

Toccata said...

Wow, I thought it was painful. I quit after about 7 minutes and then tried it again a little later but still it was a no go for me. I actually felt sorry for him up there. Not good.

Barbara said...

I was entertained. I think he stepped up and took over that stage. He owned the stage. He was still George with his quips about his last name and there was a comment or two from him about the music...
I miss the nose ring and I don't even know why...but like I told him it's none of my business.
I will try hard not to ask the reasons for the changes.

Toccata said...

Thanks for the posting of the article from the Toronto Star. That was pretty funny.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ok, i broke down and watched it. i actually wished i did tape it because then i could have fast forwarded thru most of the show. i didn't hate it, i was just so incredibly bored throughout. i ended up picking up a book and reading thru most of the show.

as a host, well, i kinda disagree with most of the comments here. i'd give a rating of OK at best. but i think a lot of that has to do with the direction/production of what the show wants and possibly opening night jitters. the latter will work itself out. the former? well, time will tell.

mellowlee said...

Im watching it right now. George is awesome as always, but the suit, not so much. I'm watching some parts,....getting bored! What does everyone think of the performances? I'm not impressed.

Kian said...

The show was horrible... and I kept thinking "Oh George...oooh dear"

She's Crafty said...

Okay, I was lucky to be absolutely the last one to watch only because I could indeed, fast forward through commercials and weaker performances. "OUR" man in black, not bad in a suit! Bet his Mama liked that lots! As for, the nose's on in the commercials for the show; and he can do what he wants with it, so it's a non-issue for me.
I LOVE the fact that Canadians can vote on an American program that is quite an extraordinary thing.
I am hoping that the show will get better as the contestants fine tune (and for some, actually get some) skills. That might be a little harsh but when you put yourself out there like that on National TV, you'd better be good. OR as some have mentioned, we get bored. Lets see what happens!

mellowlee said...

I watched the show kind of bassackwards because I was out during the first hour with a friend.

I taped it, and couldn't wait to start watching, so I began in the middle.

I just watched the recorded first half, and have to agree with "she's crafty", it's nice to be able to FF through the ads and the performances you don't like.

I really just wanted to see George and maybe a bit curious about the performers. I think he did a good job as host. He is so talented.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I made myself watch 10 minutes of the show in order to have an informed opinion. My opinion remains unchanged. Haven't we seen this type of program a million times before?

There was nothing unique or original about this show, I don't care if Jesus himself was the host. I think that the death of this type of program is long overdue and I can't believe that people still have an appetite for it. I just hope that the CBC does not find itself buying a house at the peak of the market, that's all I'm saying. Big mistake, boring show.

Barbara said...

Ah Barbara B, maybe I enjoyed it because I have not really been watching that type of show before so for me it's fresh. The reason I am tuning in is because of George but I am getting caught up in the thing. I almost voted...well I thought about it. ;-)

Brooksie said...

I watched it. I likely would not have watched it had George not been the host. I have watched some of the talent shows of the past but few keep my interest past one or two episodes. Whether I watch tends to depend on the likability of the judges, contests and the time slot of the show. Most fail on all three accounts for me.

However, for this particular show I did find a few of the performers interesting. I want to see how they do. I also like the academy aspect of the show. I appreciate the experts versus the judges system that the Idol series has. Nevetheless, I do think bringing the series to the American/English Canada market now is too late in the game. I think the audience is a bit burnt out on such shows. In terms of its success that is my biggest worry.

As for George in the suit - I like! Good choice for hosting a performance show like this one. He is not a cartoon - he can wear different clothes (and wear or not wear jewelery) depending on the circumstances.

Wandering Coyote said...

I saw the first hour and a half. I was appalled that George had no nose ring and agree it was probably an ABC thing foisted upon him. I also didn't think the suit suited him (mind you, it did grow on me during the show). I had read in all the hype that he would be able to be "himself" in appearance as we normally see him but didn't this was the case. Also - OMG the makeup he was wearing! It was too much!

I am happy that George is getting some US exposure, but I don't think they're seeing the George we all know and love up here, and that's seriously unfortunate. I don't think this show is demonstrating his intelligence and experience at all and that is a shame.

Like Kian, I kept thinking "Oh George, why why why?"

I thought the show itself was dreadful and the contestants completely difficult to bear listening to. Like Barbara B. said, it's nothing we haven't seen before. Too many flashing lights, too.I kept wondering, though, where did they find these contestants in the first place?

Well, that's just my 2 cents for what it's worth...

Allison said...

"I don't care if Jesus himself was the host"

Barbara, I love you! :)

Jeremy said...

"Nose ring?"

When I changed video codecs for The Hour's video archive, I was innundated with complaints about the removal of George's nose ring. Are we sure, this time, that it's actually out?

"Why did they pick George if not to use him properly?"

The show is live, just like Greatest Canadian. Huge numbers of people are watching. Not many people could host such a thing. (I certainly couldn't.) Even though we haven't seen him give his opinion, the producers are clearly taking advantage of his comfort in front of a crowd.

And who's to say he won't get more involved in the behind-the-scenes stuff? Once there are fewer artists to cut, they're going to have to start filling the time. I think, therefore, that it would be reasonable to expect to see more of him later in the summer.

"The format is dead"

I think this is premature: they've added some clever features, like the 3-candidate departure (in which three are nominated to leave, then the judges save one and the candidates save another). That should add some behind-the-scenes drama: while the judges will be trying to save the best candidates, the candidates will want to save the worst. And although in many respects it does look like a Frankenstein's monster (Idol + Big Brother + The Hour's "contributor" camera style [but shot in colour]), it does have the benefit of two live shows a week.

There's also the "music bootcamp" aspect, which could provide some interesting insights into how albums are produced.

"I was so bored"

If you don't like the show, don't watch. George won't mind: he says that all the time. But I'm going to give it another shot.

Maybe tomorrow I'll hate it. But not yet.

J said...

Uh, okay... I was super nervous about last night and I totally didn't notice about the nose ring or the makeup until reading the comments and now I am shocked. He really did have a nice tan though...
The suit bugged me. He just looked so uncomfortable, like a fish out of water. However... he lightened up as he got more comfortable and the contestants sang music he liked.

Did anyone notice how he didn't hardly touch any of them? (not a bad thing just interesting) Is that a Canadian thing (not to touch to shake hands) or an American thing to have the host practically hug the contestants?

I found this show very interesting but now I am absolutely curious as to why he chose to do this. This just doesn't seem like him.

I must say though the best moment of the whole night was the little dance he was doing before he knew he was on air. That was George Gold!!!


I am going to being watching with anticipation tonight!

Becky said...

Ok, so I don't have time to read all these comments (gotta go!), but I could only stand a few minutes of it...
To read my full vent, check it out at my blog! (Nice plug, Becky!)

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

wandering coyote, i am glad you brought up his makeup! i agree with you 100%! i also thought the outfit wasn't him not so much that it's doesn't fit into the typical george mode but there was smething wrong about it. i was trying to figure out if perhaps it was not fitted properly but i was watching on a small screen.

as for jeremy's response to the i was so bored comments, i kinda feel bothered by that. it's a review of the show, which i thought was valid here. it kinda made me feel like people shouldn't leave any negative comments about the show. (which the web is full of, and also of apparent low ratings). by bringing up it's faults in a public forum, it gives the producers a chance to address them.

does anyone else think the name of the show is idiotic? searching for information on it online is pratically impossible.....:)

Alana said...


I've done my share of bitching about it so yeah, none of that from me tonight. I just wanted to point out that I watched the show last night on a 58" big screen, and I definitely saw no nose ring, no question about it.

That's all from me...

Wandering Coyote said...

668: Glad someone other than I noticed the makeup. I also had a hard time finding THE ONE through normal search engines. I think the name is a little pretentious and ambiguous. Pretentious in the same way American Idol is pretentious, and ambiguous meaning "the one what, man?"

Toccata said...

To find stuff on the web about the show you need to google The One: The Making of a Music Star.

It's a bit depressing though so be warned. The ratings I guess were unbelievable low. So hopefully it will survive to see another week.

Poor George.

Barbara said...

Can I quote you George?
Here is one thing George said about The One.
I'm excited to be working on a show with people who will be getting fully prepared for what it's really like in the music business, the good and the bad. These singers will go through rigorous training. It's going to be a crazy ride, and I'll be with them every step of the way! The good thing about it is it's happening so quickly I haven't had a lot of time to think. Hey, on American television, not thinking can be a very smart move.

classic George

AnJaka said...

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Alana said...

"Hey, on American television, not thinking can be a very smart move."

LOL! That explains everything.

Anonymous said...

"According to Nielsen Media Research, the first episode of The One was the lowest-rated series premiere in ABC history, and the second-worst such episode in the history of broadcast television,scoring only 3.2 million total viewers (1.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic)." Sad indeed. I'm sure it's just the first weeek. In other George related news,I hope he stops fidgeting with his suit. I felt nervous for him on the first night. And no nose ring? WTF is that? Is the ABC network scared the nose ring may make him come across as unfriendly? *triple sigh* I'm so used to seeing him with jeans and a simple t-shirt. I can tell sometimes he dosen't know what to do with his hands. If he was wore jeans, I'm sure he would be able to keep is hands casually tucked away in his pockets like he always does. I'm sure it's just first week fright. The performances are meh. I guess the judges are being nice right now because it's the first week and they really don't have anything bad to say yet.
still watching


Allison said...

Thanks Anjaka, the more linkage the better!

I read that this morning too, not surprised.
And yes, the figeting needs to stop. I was flipping last night, and watched for 2mins, and the figeting was just too much for me.
Seeing as your still watching, keep us updated!

Jeremy said...

"as for jeremy's response to the 'i was so bored' comments, i kinda feel bothered by that."

Good call. Sorry about that: I said at the beginning that everyone should say their piece, honestly and without prejudice, and I would support them. So I accept the corrective: mea maxima culpa.

You're totally right.

"The One was the lowest-rated series premiere in ABC history"

Are there any reports about how it did in Canada?

sillygilly said...

while i feel kind of terrible about saying this because I like george enough to wish him success in whatever he tries (even Rockstar Idol The Sequel)... with reports of bad ratings and whatnot, we can at least be sure that he IS coming back to Canada...

Brooksie said...

I didn't notice any fidgeting, but I will trust you all on that.

One thing I apreciated in the result show was that judges did not speak as much over each other. I am sure they got a note from the producers on that. As host George can only do so much to reign them in or direct them.

Anonymous said...

"In Canada, the premiere of The One on CBC had 236,000 viewers, which trailed far behind Canadian Idol on CTV and Rock Star: Supernova on Global, each scoring around one million viewers. The next night's results episode fared even worse in the ratings department, sinking to a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic. The re-run of night 1's episode (which preceded the results show) plunged to an embarrassingly low 0.6 average in the vital demo ratings. The poor performance of the show helped ABC measure its lowest-rated night in the network's history (among 18-49s). However, the CBC insists that even if the U.S. series is pulled due to low ratings, the Canadian version will still go ahead. " this was taken from wikipedia, so I'm not sure how entirely accurate this information is. but still...sad. I think is just practise for bigger and better things to come for George. Even if the show goes totally canon ball and no one cares in the end, at least he met cool people and has experience on the ABC network.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Tammy, you've illustrated one of my points with the figures you've cited. How many of these reality shows did you list in your example? Quite a few, and if you check your listings you will see many more in addition to those.

The market is saturated! We don't need any more of these types of shows. Can we please have some variety in the programming?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ok, it kills me to say this but i watched the results show and...the show has improved a little. i actually semi-cared who ended up leaving. this is more due to the fact i can't stand a couple of them rather than like any of them but it's a start. and thank god, make up has improved but wardrobe still needs work. the stiffness is going away. i'll try and blog a full review later.

and thanks jeremy.

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