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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2/20 with Tracy: Cardigans, Gordon and Spanx...OH MY!

Time Pictures, Images and Photos

2/20 with Tracy...questions by Steph.

Q: If you could live in any period of time other than today, which would you pick and why?

A: 1950's. I am bizarrely happy in a cute little dress and a cardigan, cooking up a storm.

Q: The Partridge Family or The Brady Bunch?

A: Partridge Family. I LOVED David Cassidy and even had the Partridge Family Board Game AND recod. For those of you who don't know what a record is, get bent junior! :)

Partridge Family Pictures, Images and Photos

Q: Without looking, can you accurately recall your license plate number?

A:'s kinda silly and easy to remember.

Q: Do you have a 'green thumb'?

A: Nope. I have ONE houseplant that is thriving. Only one...

Q: Twitter or Facebook?

A: Facebook all the way! Though I appreciate the beauty of getting a tweet from Snoop and Martha Stewart at the same time. Classic. Wake and Bake & and update on a glamourous dinner with Valentino.

Q: Have you ever won a jackpot at the casino?

A: Yes, but embarrassed to say it was on the nickle machine at Treasure Island in Vegas. $120 big ones after I'd lost way more than that on video poker. Not a sexy story, but the truth.

Q: Can you play a musical instrument?

A: Yes. I play the cello, organ and was the lead triangle (yes, lead) in my kindergarten band. We were HUGE on the senior centre circuit. Our rider included cookies and juice. No red M & M's. Hardcore...

Q: Thinking back to childhood, what was your most prized possession?

A: Two -- My orange 3 speed bike with the glitter banana seat AND my Barbie Townhouse with the working elevator. It was pretty sweet.

barbie townhouse Pictures, Images and Photos

Q: Ice cream cone or ice cream sundae?

A: I hated ice cream for a long time cause I slung scoops at Baskin Robbins. I like cones - sugar free Rolo ice cream on a plain cone. It's tasty.

Q: Are you able to sing O Canada in both official languages?

A: Yes. Proudly.

Q: Can you complete a Sudoku puzzle?

A: What now? Nope -- not a puzzle person.

Q: If you had an interest in holding public office, what position would you like to occupy?

A: Local City Council so I could fight for some common sense.

Q: School bus, subway train, zamboni or transport truck...which would be the most fun to drive? Which would be the scariest?

A: I would LOVE to drive a Zamboni! I think the subway would be scariest. Hurtling down a tunnel... no thanks! Lives would be lost.

Q: What one piece of music would you choose as your theme song?

A: All in Good Time -- Ron Sexsmith. I truly believe there's a need for rocky & good times and that the good times will ultimately win out. My favourite stanza -

"Hold your horses”, a willow tree cried
While the sun called to me, “Where’s the fire?”
“Run your course my feverish child,”
Came a voice from even higher
Inspiring me.

RON SEXSMITH Pictures, Images and Photos

Q: Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy?

A: Jeopardy. Particularly Rock 'N Roll Jeopardy. I would KICK ASS!

Q: I know you love to cook. Who would you be more nervous to cook for...Gordon Ramsay or Martha Stewart?

A: Gordon Ramsay. I would be frought with nerves. I'd be alternately terrified and attracted to him, would not produce my best risotto and he would throw it at me.

Q: What item do you wish you had invented?

A: Spanx

Q: Scrapbooking...yay or nay?

A: Nay - though I am working on a pretty cool project with set lists from that crafty?

Q: Finish this sentence: The end justifies the means when...

A: ...the means are justified in the end.

Q: Monkeys...friend or foe?

A: Monkeys are generally a foe. Have you seen that Youtube video of monkeys tearing about that car and luggage? Also, they throw their own shit. I'm not okay with that.

angry monkey Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hour Books: Rick Mercer Report, The Book

One of the best parts of the Mercer Report are the rants. So I was tickled when Mercer released a book filled with some of his best rants. I've read it a few times since its release, so much so it's become one of those books that I pick up and reread when I can't get into anything new. Everyone rants, we all come across people or events that just set us off, so hearing Mercer rant is kind of an extension of what everyone is thinking but may not want to openly admit.

This book of rants is an interesting glimpse into the affairs that captivated Canada (or held Canada hostage) over the past few years. From election after election after election, to Conrad Black's antics, to the latest Parliamentary hijinks (or hijacks, depending on how you look at it) to just plain weird Canadian behaviour (like Torontonians and winter weather), Mercer has somehow captured the essence of what Canada is. Speaking of Conrad Black, one of my all time favourite rants comes from the time is when Conrad Black wanted his citizenship back.

The first edition of the book came out in 2007 but was updated for the 2008 paperback release.

Mercer's been on The Hour a few times over the years: Book Interview, Interview - Part One, Interview - Part Two, Mercer at the Book Stand. Make sure you check them out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

July...that's a wrap!

Time Passing Pictures, Images and Photos

Well the summer is certainly speeding along...hard to believe that we are already at the last week of July! Of course there is still much fun in the sun to be had. Whatever your summertime pursuit, hopefully you are having a blast.

As Barbara
commented here last week, this Sunday will be a pre-taped edition of The Strombo Show. Listen online here starting at 5pm EST.

Coming up on The Hour's 'best of shows' this week:

Monday, July 27

Diana Krall Pictures, Images and Photos
Canadian musician Diana Krall.

Lewis hi Pictures, Images and Photos

Comedian and author Lewis Black.

Bruce Greenwood Pictures, Images and Photos

Quebec native and actor Bruce Greenwood.
Looking for a dvd for a rainy summer afternoon?
Check out Greenwood in the thriller "Double Jeopardy".

Tuesday, July 28

Ricky Gervais Pictures, Images and Photos

British funny man Ricky Gervais.

Tim Robbins Pictures, Images and Photos

Actor and activist Tim Robbins.

Wednesday, July 29

Spike Pictures, Images and Photos

Film director, producer, writer and actor Spike Lee.

KOL Pictures, Images and Photos

Alternative rock band Kings of Leon.

Russel Peters Pictures, Images and Photos

Canadian comic superstar Russell Peters.

Thursday, July 30

Eugene Levy Pictures, Images and Photos

SCTV alumni Eugene Levy.

Kat Von D Pictures, Images and Photos

Tattoo artist and television personality Kat Von D.

Canada's 16th Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Joe Clark.

Friday, July 31

Colin Mochrie Pictures, Images and Photos

Improv master Colin Mochrie.

Killers Pictures, Images and Photos

Las Vegas natives The Killers.

Economic and social theorist, author Richard Florida.


This week's 2/20 will feature Tracy. Check out her answers Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two, Twenty. Asking Jen!

Here are my Questions for Jen aka Jenuine. Ya I threw in one multiple choice...

1)How do you find the time to blog with such a busy family life? do you..

A) change the clocks and pretend you have time and go without sleep

B) Use your laptop in the bath

C) Play hide and seek with the kids and you find the perfect hiding place

D) blog at work
E) fill in the blank with a better answer... blog when I can't sleep or get inspired by an 'issue'.

2)What is your favourite sport to play?
Team sport: Beach volleyball. Indiv. sport: Caber toss.

3)Are you a fan of socks?
In the winter....yup! Toe socks, fuzzy socks, knee socks, striped socks...

4) You want to show off what Vancouver has to offer your guests. What would you show them first?
Granville Island; for the artists, musicians, artisans & markets.

Wreck Beach a beach you would take visitors to?
Unfortunately, I've used up all my guest passes.

6)What card or board games are you an ace at?
Uno & Othello.

7) Can you win against your kids on their video games?
I can hold my own.

8)What was the last concert you went to?
Last Friday at an outdoor evening concert featuring: P.I.G.S.- The Canadian Pink Floyd Tribute Band.

9)What was the last thing you bought just for yourself?
Practical: contact solution. Impulsive: sun hat.

10) What is your favourite charity?
Our local food banks.

11) Cats or Dogs?

Amazingly enough...dogs. (We have six cats.)

12) Do you have a philosophy about bras?
They hide the truth.

13)Is our PM doing a good job?
Do any of them, while in office?

14) Do you 'get' CFL Football?
Not really, but awesome to watch live.

15)What are you doing at 6pm on weeknights?
Trying to wrap up at work, to get home.

16) Exotic pet or exotic plant?

17)What room in your place would you renovate given the funds?
My all-in-one 6x6 Laundry room/food & storage pantry/hot water tank & recycle closet/cat food room/back yard entrance & mud room.

18)What tech equipment could you not live without?
None of them, however, I would miss my PC the most.

19)Do you swim like a fish or more like a dog?

20)Say you won one free round trip anywhere in Canada... where would it be?
Halifax, to visit my Nanna, then on my way back, a stop-over in TO to visit my 'girls' & 'boyfriend', of course, and through to Alberta to meet my neice & bff's.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hour Books: When All You Have is Hope

I’m an avid reader. Give me something to read and there’s a good chance I’ll read at least the first chapter, paragraph or sentence. There are few books that I’ve started and couldn’t finish. When All You Have Is Hope is Frank O’Dea’s saga of stumbling down a dark, dangerous path as a young adult and then picking himself and making a success of himself. The jacket art for this book includes a quote:
‘That was me, the guy begging money for a bottle of wine and a fifty-cent bed in a flophouse. I was thirty years away from being named an Officer of the Order of Canada, twenty years away from marriage and fatherhood, ten years away from earning my first million dollars, and a week away from deciding that I must change or die.”
Having watched the interview on The Hour, I knew that O’Dea’s story was intense, but I wasn’t totally prepared for just how dark parts of his story really was. The cliche term “rags to riches” is not so cliche in this story; O’Dea really went from wearing rags and living on the street to the life of the elite.

But there’s more to this story than just his redemption and survival. He also demonstrates that if you have a good idea and drive, you can make almost anything a success. He’s not just the co-founder of coffee giant Second Cup; he’s also the founder of Proshred, he helped structure the current code of conduct for Canada’s Olympic Athletes and Coaches, he co-founded Street Kinds International, a foundation aimed at bettering the lives of kids on the street around the world, he founded the international fundraiser “The Night of the Thousand Dinners” to help raise money to clear landmines... and the accolades and achievements go on and on.

I know I recommend every book I write about in this weekly post, but I put this book at the top of my “books everyone needs to read” list. It's an amazing read.

Make sure you check out Frank O’Dea’s October 2007 interview with George on The Hour.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Hour is hot July 20-24

This Sunday on these Corus radio stations that carry The Strombo Show...
The Fox 99.3 (Vancouver) airs at 9pm EST
Power 97 (Winnipeg) Y108 (Hamilton) FM96 (London)
You can listen at 5pm EST Sunday and listen to this weeks show...
The Strombo Show on The Edge 102.1 (Toronto) this week will be replaced by
A tribute to a local radio hero Martin Streek.
The Strombo show will be back next week in Toronto!

More about Martin Streek can be found on an earlier post.

The Hour is packed with a lot of everything this week. Activists, Actors, Politicians, Singers, CEO's, TV producers, Music Producers and this list goes on...

Monday July 20th
We start with the Activist

He is not just a Talking Head
David Byrne He knows about music!

plus popular motivational speaker
Tuesday July 21st
What happened in the Bush White House?
George asks the former White House Press SecretaryScott McClellan

Plus the music Hit ManDavid Foster

Wednesday July 22nd
British Pop Singer and friend of the showLily Allen

Television and Theater Producer
(Happy Days)
Garry Marshall

The president of the UFCDana White

Thursday July 23rd
Creating a Better Place
Shai Agassi
Canadian ActorJoshua Jackson
Sexy in any city
Chris Noth

Friday July 24th
Commissioner of the National Hockey League
Gary Bettman
'Jay' from Clerks. ActorJason Mewes

and long-time frontman of Hootie & The BlowfishDarius Rucker

Saturday, July 18, 2009

George's tweet of the week

George has been understandably quiet all week but posted this this weekend

George Stroumboulopoulos Scoring a Stochansky BBQ in Venice. Bob Seger-We've Got Tonight->Jim Reeves-He'll Have To Go->Ramsey Lewis–Wade in the Water #twunes #byandy

Please feel free to explore his choices.
Here is one of them.

A song from George to you

It's the most romantic song about a one night stand that I know...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2/20 Mach 2....

Summertime and re-rerun Season leaves us looking a bit harder for things to post about... One of the features that many people enjoy on The Hour is the rapid fire Q and A segment, 2/20.

We did this last year with contributors to the blog asking one another silly little questions and had fun doing it so decided to give it another whirl. So for the next 5 Wednesdays, we'll be posting our own 2/20's.

This week, I kick off the questioning with Mich in the imaginary Red Chair. Who knew she and I had a grandma with the same name? I didn't. So here we go. Hum this as we go won't you?
"Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh... The Right Stuff" ;)

1. If you had to change your name - what would you like to be called?

Florence, after my grandmother.

2. Any nicknames?

Some friends call my MacGyver because they thinkg I have this knack to make something out of nothing or that I have just the thing in my bag to fix something when we're out on location.

3. You can have one superpower for 24 hours. What is it?


4. Where would you live? Paris, London, Madrid or Osaka?


5. Favourite song of all time?

That's tricky because my favourite always depends on my mood. 5 days in May (Blue Rodeo) or 'U' (Metalwood) or Good Boy (Barenaked Ladies). It's hard to pick just one.

6. Play any Instruments?

No, but I've always wanted to learn how to play piano, but my friends tell me I should play the drums.

7. What's your one regret?

Does anyone have only one regret? Not applying to go to the National Theatre School when I had the backing to do so.

8. Any tattoos or piercing? If a tat -- what is it?

No, but I keep waffling about getting my ears repierced.

9. What makes you cry?


10. You have to be a contestant on a reality show? Which one would you be on?

The Next Food Network Star or one of the Food Network Challenges.

11. Favourite Stooge - Moe, Curly, Larry or Iggy and the.... ?

I wasn't into the Stooges.

12. Best dessert you ever had?

Marinated grilled pineapple with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

13. Three people you'd most like to throw a dinner party for?

Rick Mercer, Michaelle Jean and Jamie Oliver

14. Tofu. A good meat alternative or from the Devil?

Excellent meat alternative. It's not as scary as some think it is.

15. Do you believe in Hell? If so - name a famous person that's there.

I don't believe in Hell, but since I've been told I'm going there, I hope the people are fun!

16. What's your dream car?

I don't really have a dream car, but the convertible that I saw last week that looks like it came out of a 1930's movie would be cool.

17. Best and worst concert experience?

Best? Manteca, they really know how to party. Worst? The Johnstones.

18. Who was your teen 'heartthrob'?

This is so embarrassing but I was into the New Kids on the Block, I know better now.

19. What's one thing you're glad your parents never found out about?

Can't answer that since the person involved is still alive.

20. What's the meal you'd cook to impress someone you liked?

I love to cook fun meals for people I like, so probably fajitas.

So... tune in next Wednesday when Barbara asks and Jen answers...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

His last ride.

In honour of Martin Streek who unbelievably passed away July 6th 2009, I would like to tell you about what some of his listeners and friends did to bring more meaning to Martin's last ride.
The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting The Princess Margaret, is a cycling journey from Toronto to Niagara Falls -

You may not know who Martin Streek is, but I'll tell you what I have learned.
People in Southern Ontario and Northwestern New York plus many bands and musicians all over the world know of Martin Streek as a music man, a funny man, a DJ, and a radio host for about two decades at CFNY /The Edge...
Martin was the life of the party and the holder and guardian of modern musical knowledge. He worked at the radio station with George Stroumboulopoulos and Alan Cross (who are also music guardians) amongst others.
Alan Cross wrote a post about Martin to honour him the day after he passed.
Alan was spot on!Align Center I was lucky to have met Martin Streek this past year and he was one of the most charming men I have ever met!
He had me laughing and dancing in my seat and shocked me with his outrageous opinions which I admired him for... I was just sitting beside him watching him do Live From The Velvet Underground but for technical reasons he was doing it Live from The Edge Studios instead... We practically had him to ourselves, plus the listening audience, it was an unforgettable evening!
I am new to Ontario so meeting Martin Streek in person was another 'hello nice to meet you' and I had no expectations about him. I had no idea what a legend the man was. He has had thousands of fans that grew up listening to him. He told me he has been doing this for 18 years and only 4 times did they have a technical glitch like that, forcing him to improvise a different way to broadcast his show. He showed me what a dedicated professional and geekishly knowledgeable radio host he was...

I later learned from his listeners what an influence he has been to them throughout their youth and up until the point The Edge let him go...
That was a 'kick in the head' shock when we heard that.

Then months later when I heard from twitter, of all places, that Martin had killed himself. The source on twitter being Torontomike, I could not believe it. No one wanted to believe it.

Like many that knew of Martin I joined a facebook group Martin Streek - RIP and found fellow fans, friends, negative people and positive people... that's where I noticed the efforts of Gregg Gleason to do something positive. He started a topic thread on that group.
Martin's Ride to Conquer Cancer.
and this is what Gregg suggested....

Post #1

Gregg Gleason (Brock University) wrote on July 8, 2009 at 10:54am

One of Martin's latest charity events was the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Ride to Conquer Cancer. According to his personal page on that website, his fundraising goal was not met; it currently sits at 47%. Can we finally meet his goal by pledging and contributing to this charity? Visit the link above to sponsor his ride.

People got inspired to do as Gregg suggested... they donated and they spread the word. When I found this thread I jumped on the bandwagon because I knew it was going the right direction... We made donations and encouraged donations in the amount you may spend on a night out... It took 5 days but we reached the goal of 2,500$.

There are 17,500 fans that joined that facebook page, we could do more still!

I congratulated Gregg and asked what inspired him to start this.

This is what he said:

How was I inspired? I think many of us (listeners) knew that he was doing the "Ride" because he promoted it over the radio frequently (while he was still on the air up until mid-May).

Last week, I wondered if he actually got to do that ride, so I searched his name on the ride web site. What I found was that the ride had passed, and sadly, that he had not reached his "goal". I felt that although he made a significant contribution to the cause through his fundraising effort, the amount raised was seemingly relatively little considering the time and effort he spent promoting the event.

I still don't know for sure if he did the ride, but the man that "built his bike" (Christian, blog post commenter at this website ) might know more.

Oftentimes, when a person dies, people look to make a donation to a charity in the deceased person's name. What better cause to donate to than one Martin had recently selected himself? Better, one that showed he had a goal yet-to-be-achieved. This was motivation in itself..... Before my donation, the goal was at 47% achieved. The rest is history....

And there you have it, as of July 13th 100% achieved but why stop there? It's still going higher! Sponsor Martin Streek

**NEW! another perspective on this same story from the Princess Margaret Hospital. The article appears on the bottom left section of the newsletter.

For those in the area that wish to honour Martin Streek there are a number of events found online that you can attend or participate in.

Our condolences to Martin's family, friends, and listeners.

Maybe you know someone who suffers from depression, either situational or clinical, and needs help, here is a link to Canada's suicide & Crisis Hotlines

Hour Books: Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself

Written after his near death experience in Chile, Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself chronicles Alda's thoughts on a variety of subjects through many of the speeches he's given over the years at commencements and other life events. He opens the book with his daughter's commencement and from there weaves a tale that just enjoys the twists and turns that life brings.

It really is a book of questions and answers. He questions the choices he made and the choices he didn't make. It's as if Alda sees life as a maze of choices, if I go left this will happen but if I go right will I hit a dead end or is it the way through? In some ways his ponderings made me ponder some of the questions in my life and whether or not it's worthwhile to go in whatever direction I'm thinking of at the time. I like his writing "voice", it's almost as if I can hear him narrating the book in my head.

I would suggest reading his biography Never Have Your Dog Stuffed before reading this book, because I think it will help fill in some of the gaps where it felt like Alda assumed we knew the back story of his life at a particular moment in time.

Make sure you check out Alan Alda's interview on The Hour in November 2007, he gives a very good foundation for this book. Also check out an extra clip from the interview on More with Alan Alda.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Funny Business... The Week ahead on The Hour

Not sure whether show will be live from LA on tape or what... so take your chances kids and tune into the Corus Radio network Sunday @ 5pm or online here and you'll be as surprised. You like surprises, don't you?

So... it appears this week's slate of regurgitated goodness appears in the Spirit of Just For Laughs Toronto which runs from July 15th-19th. An all comedy...all the time theme has emerged for this week of Rerun-a-palooza. Enjoy. Or if you're of the miserable SOB persuasion well then, don't. Your choice entirely.

Monday, July 13th
Russell Peters -- July TV Guide cover boy, Hip Hop aficionado, Arena filling comedy sensation. Russell is all these things and more. Russell will perform a free comedy show in Yonge and Dundas Square this week in honour of Just For Laughs.

Dave Foley -- No longer a Kid in the Hall, Dave Foley is still bringing the funny.

Pauly Shore -- Born to the comedy biz as the heir apparent of the Comedy Store this actor and stand up comedian has been away for a while. As stupid as his movies can be, I will still watch 'Son in Law' if it comes on TV's good fun.

Tuesday July 14th

Judah Friedlander -- If you'd actually NEED a reason to watch 30Rock, he's one of the best reasons. As Frank, he's a comedy writer and rocks the slogan bearing trucker hat look better than Ashton Kutcher could ever dream. He's among the greatest tormentors of all time.

Cheech & Chong -- After their comedy partnership went 'Up in Smoke' and a long period of estrangement, the classic comedy stoner duo reunited for a series of stand up shows. You tube 'Mexican Americans'... you won't be sorry!

Finesse Mitchell -- His big break was a stint on SNL. Now, he's doing stand up again,writing books about dating. I liked this interview a lot, Finesse seems down to earth, grateful for his blessings.

Wednesday, July 15th

Billy Connolly -- Age hasn't tamed this crazy comedian - he's as manic, funny and hyper as ever. Back away from the sweet table Billy!

Margaret Cho -- Love the Cho. If you haven't caught the "Cho Show" you are missing out... she walks the line of wanting to please her traditional Korean parents while being true to herself - a free spirited shit disturber.

Samantha Bee -- Samantha has scored great career success as a correspondent on The Daily Show. Her delivery during her interviews with unwitting subjects is classic!

Thursday, July 16th

John Pinette -- Trivia time! John Pinette was the guy in the Seinfeld finale. Yes. the guy they failed to help and even mocked as he was assaulted. This, as you`ll recall lead to their conviction and jailing under the `Good Samaritan`law in one of the more disappointing series finale`s ever...

Howie Mandel -- Dramatic Actor. Stand up original. Host of Deal or no Deal. Raging germophobe. I`ve got no problems with Howie but I do have a question. On `Howie Do it` how can they find people oblivious enough to be fooled by his $2 disguise. It`s really sad...

Kenny & Spenny -- I`ve said it before. Kenny vs. Spenny is a guilty pleasure and I proudly say I love it. Whether they`re wearing octopi on their heads, seeing who can dance the longest, eat more meat, kiss more women I just laugh. Rumour has it they`ll ramp up again for the 6th season. Speaking of K v S. I need to get my season 1-4 DVDs back!

Nikki Payne -- Not everybody`s cup of tea, but a real original comic. With her pronounced lisp, one thing is certain - you really should think twice about sitting in the front row at her live stand up gigs. She often does guest spots and is particularly funny on Much Music`s Video on Trial.

Friday, July 17th

Mark McKinney -- Another beloved alum of the legendary Kids in the Hall, McKinney has turned his attention to creating more programming - case in point is the quirky series `Less than Kind`.

Susie Essman -- If you don`t watch Curb Your Enthusiasm -- you`re missing out. If you can handle bad language - you still may meet your match in the angry, acerbic, rage a holic, Susie Greene. I`ve two favourite Susie moments -- when she confronts Larry and Jeff to get her daughter`s doll`s head back AND the oh so dirty name she yelled at Cheryl at the restaurant opening which is awesome but totally unrepeatable in mixed company.

Craig Ferguson -- This Scot is most known for his role as Mr. Wick on the Drew Carey Show and more recently for his brilliant late night talk show following Dave Letterman. He`s funny but also a surprisingly good interviewer.

Brent Butt -- He helmed Corner Gas - he most successful Canadian comedy series ever and voluntarily decided to pull the plug before the show got stale. Brave or Crazy. Time will only tell. Brent is apparently looking to mount a new series starrring his Corner Gas co-star and real life wife, Nancy Robertson, who played Wanda.