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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two, Twenty. Asking Jen!

Here are my Questions for Jen aka Jenuine. Ya I threw in one multiple choice...

1)How do you find the time to blog with such a busy family life? do you..

A) change the clocks and pretend you have time and go without sleep

B) Use your laptop in the bath

C) Play hide and seek with the kids and you find the perfect hiding place

D) blog at work
E) fill in the blank with a better answer... blog when I can't sleep or get inspired by an 'issue'.

2)What is your favourite sport to play?
Team sport: Beach volleyball. Indiv. sport: Caber toss.

3)Are you a fan of socks?
In the winter....yup! Toe socks, fuzzy socks, knee socks, striped socks...

4) You want to show off what Vancouver has to offer your guests. What would you show them first?
Granville Island; for the artists, musicians, artisans & markets.

Wreck Beach a beach you would take visitors to?
Unfortunately, I've used up all my guest passes.

6)What card or board games are you an ace at?
Uno & Othello.

7) Can you win against your kids on their video games?
I can hold my own.

8)What was the last concert you went to?
Last Friday at an outdoor evening concert featuring: P.I.G.S.- The Canadian Pink Floyd Tribute Band.

9)What was the last thing you bought just for yourself?
Practical: contact solution. Impulsive: sun hat.

10) What is your favourite charity?
Our local food banks.

11) Cats or Dogs?

Amazingly enough...dogs. (We have six cats.)

12) Do you have a philosophy about bras?
They hide the truth.

13)Is our PM doing a good job?
Do any of them, while in office?

14) Do you 'get' CFL Football?
Not really, but awesome to watch live.

15)What are you doing at 6pm on weeknights?
Trying to wrap up at work, to get home.

16) Exotic pet or exotic plant?

17)What room in your place would you renovate given the funds?
My all-in-one 6x6 Laundry room/food & storage pantry/hot water tank & recycle closet/cat food room/back yard entrance & mud room.

18)What tech equipment could you not live without?
None of them, however, I would miss my PC the most.

19)Do you swim like a fish or more like a dog?

20)Say you won one free round trip anywhere in Canada... where would it be?
Halifax, to visit my Nanna, then on my way back, a stop-over in TO to visit my 'girls' & 'boyfriend', of course, and through to Alberta to meet my neice & bff's.

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