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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Funny Business... The Week ahead on The Hour

Not sure whether show will be live from LA on tape or what... so take your chances kids and tune into the Corus Radio network Sunday @ 5pm or online here and you'll be as surprised. You like surprises, don't you?

So... it appears this week's slate of regurgitated goodness appears in the Spirit of Just For Laughs Toronto which runs from July 15th-19th. An all comedy...all the time theme has emerged for this week of Rerun-a-palooza. Enjoy. Or if you're of the miserable SOB persuasion well then, don't. Your choice entirely.

Monday, July 13th
Russell Peters -- July TV Guide cover boy, Hip Hop aficionado, Arena filling comedy sensation. Russell is all these things and more. Russell will perform a free comedy show in Yonge and Dundas Square this week in honour of Just For Laughs.

Dave Foley -- No longer a Kid in the Hall, Dave Foley is still bringing the funny.

Pauly Shore -- Born to the comedy biz as the heir apparent of the Comedy Store this actor and stand up comedian has been away for a while. As stupid as his movies can be, I will still watch 'Son in Law' if it comes on TV's good fun.

Tuesday July 14th

Judah Friedlander -- If you'd actually NEED a reason to watch 30Rock, he's one of the best reasons. As Frank, he's a comedy writer and rocks the slogan bearing trucker hat look better than Ashton Kutcher could ever dream. He's among the greatest tormentors of all time.

Cheech & Chong -- After their comedy partnership went 'Up in Smoke' and a long period of estrangement, the classic comedy stoner duo reunited for a series of stand up shows. You tube 'Mexican Americans'... you won't be sorry!

Finesse Mitchell -- His big break was a stint on SNL. Now, he's doing stand up again,writing books about dating. I liked this interview a lot, Finesse seems down to earth, grateful for his blessings.

Wednesday, July 15th

Billy Connolly -- Age hasn't tamed this crazy comedian - he's as manic, funny and hyper as ever. Back away from the sweet table Billy!

Margaret Cho -- Love the Cho. If you haven't caught the "Cho Show" you are missing out... she walks the line of wanting to please her traditional Korean parents while being true to herself - a free spirited shit disturber.

Samantha Bee -- Samantha has scored great career success as a correspondent on The Daily Show. Her delivery during her interviews with unwitting subjects is classic!

Thursday, July 16th

John Pinette -- Trivia time! John Pinette was the guy in the Seinfeld finale. Yes. the guy they failed to help and even mocked as he was assaulted. This, as you`ll recall lead to their conviction and jailing under the `Good Samaritan`law in one of the more disappointing series finale`s ever...

Howie Mandel -- Dramatic Actor. Stand up original. Host of Deal or no Deal. Raging germophobe. I`ve got no problems with Howie but I do have a question. On `Howie Do it` how can they find people oblivious enough to be fooled by his $2 disguise. It`s really sad...

Kenny & Spenny -- I`ve said it before. Kenny vs. Spenny is a guilty pleasure and I proudly say I love it. Whether they`re wearing octopi on their heads, seeing who can dance the longest, eat more meat, kiss more women I just laugh. Rumour has it they`ll ramp up again for the 6th season. Speaking of K v S. I need to get my season 1-4 DVDs back!

Nikki Payne -- Not everybody`s cup of tea, but a real original comic. With her pronounced lisp, one thing is certain - you really should think twice about sitting in the front row at her live stand up gigs. She often does guest spots and is particularly funny on Much Music`s Video on Trial.

Friday, July 17th

Mark McKinney -- Another beloved alum of the legendary Kids in the Hall, McKinney has turned his attention to creating more programming - case in point is the quirky series `Less than Kind`.

Susie Essman -- If you don`t watch Curb Your Enthusiasm -- you`re missing out. If you can handle bad language - you still may meet your match in the angry, acerbic, rage a holic, Susie Greene. I`ve two favourite Susie moments -- when she confronts Larry and Jeff to get her daughter`s doll`s head back AND the oh so dirty name she yelled at Cheryl at the restaurant opening which is awesome but totally unrepeatable in mixed company.

Craig Ferguson -- This Scot is most known for his role as Mr. Wick on the Drew Carey Show and more recently for his brilliant late night talk show following Dave Letterman. He`s funny but also a surprisingly good interviewer.

Brent Butt -- He helmed Corner Gas - he most successful Canadian comedy series ever and voluntarily decided to pull the plug before the show got stale. Brave or Crazy. Time will only tell. Brent is apparently looking to mount a new series starrring his Corner Gas co-star and real life wife, Nancy Robertson, who played Wanda.


voicefax said...

Really looking forward to this week. I wish they would do this type of "Best of" more often. I think the majority of the episodes that are being shown this summer are the old Friday "Best of" shows and certain big one shot episodes. There are a few interviews that I would like to see again that were not part of the Friday shows. Also I would imagine that they will soon run out of episodes by the end of the month and may replay the same episodes for the second half of the summer. I wish that they would have another week like this later on. It would be nice, not only to see interviews from last year, but also interviews from the previous year.

One question: I know in the later part of the week there are 4 people on the guest list. I would surmise that Nikki Payne and Craig Ferguson will only be seen giving their Best Story Ever.. But on Wednesday, I'm wondering if Samantha Bee actually had an interview or is it just going to be another "Best Story Ever" from her. Just curious!

Tracy said...

Hi Voicefax. Thanks for commenting. I totally agree that this type of themed week is a terrific idea, especially in re-run season. I would like to see a week featuring only musicians myself! I appreciate the more serious interviews but a week to laugh or just to see some music greats is a nice treat.

I do think that you're bang on regarding Nikki and Craig - Best Story Ever segments and not a full interview.

As for Samantha Bee, I believe hers will be a BSE as well as the interview she'd done for The Hour was with her hubby Jason Jones, who also works on The Daily Show. Check The Hour's Youtube archives for that if you're a Sam fan...

Hope that helps and thanks for reading!


voicefax said...

Thanks Tracy for the fast reply.

I guess you are right with the Samantha Bee part this week. Kinda wish that there would have been an interview, but I know that Margaret Cho was two parts (due to her 2:20) and Billy Connolly seems like it too is two parts. Haven't found the Samantha Bee things on Youtube

I wish there were more theme weeks like this one. How about an episode with this year's Canada walk of Fame inductees (Kim Cattrall, Chantal Petitclerc, Robert Munsch) But I don't think we will be so lucky. Oh well. I'll just enjoy what we get.

Tracy said...

Fax - my pleasure. Sorry you can't find the Sam/Jason video. I know it taped - I was actually there that day, AND it aired. Maybe they'll replay it at some point. I'll keep my eyes open for you.

voicefax said...

I am wondering when these shows were put together. I thought that the summer schedule was put together before the summer, as I can see on the CBC online schedule, who will be on two weeks from now.

Last night while watching the show, George revealed that tonight's guests were Mandel, Pinette and Carol Burnett. No mention of Kenny or Spenny. I did see the new commercial for the Hour, and saw Burnett as well as Nikki Payne's name and Tom Green's name. I guess Kenny and Spenny have been dropped from tonight's broadcast, but I wonder where Tom Green will be. I know he did a "Best Story Ever" but on these last two shows, you already have two with Ferguson and Payne. Strange

Tracy said...

The schedule we have in hand is for the entire summer and was sent on to us just before the wrap of season 5. Obviously there were a few juggles done last minute. Just hold on and go with the flow...

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