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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Hour is hot July 20-24

This Sunday on these Corus radio stations that carry The Strombo Show...
The Fox 99.3 (Vancouver) airs at 9pm EST
Power 97 (Winnipeg) Y108 (Hamilton) FM96 (London)
You can listen at 5pm EST Sunday and listen to this weeks show...
The Strombo Show on The Edge 102.1 (Toronto) this week will be replaced by
A tribute to a local radio hero Martin Streek.
The Strombo show will be back next week in Toronto!

More about Martin Streek can be found on an earlier post.

The Hour is packed with a lot of everything this week. Activists, Actors, Politicians, Singers, CEO's, TV producers, Music Producers and this list goes on...

Monday July 20th
We start with the Activist

He is not just a Talking Head
David Byrne He knows about music!

plus popular motivational speaker
Tuesday July 21st
What happened in the Bush White House?
George asks the former White House Press SecretaryScott McClellan

Plus the music Hit ManDavid Foster

Wednesday July 22nd
British Pop Singer and friend of the showLily Allen

Television and Theater Producer
(Happy Days)
Garry Marshall

The president of the UFCDana White

Thursday July 23rd
Creating a Better Place
Shai Agassi
Canadian ActorJoshua Jackson
Sexy in any city
Chris Noth

Friday July 24th
Commissioner of the National Hockey League
Gary Bettman
'Jay' from Clerks. ActorJason Mewes

and long-time frontman of Hootie & The BlowfishDarius Rucker


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious. When does the new season of the Hour start? Is it the first week in September? How many more weeks of repeats are there?

Barbara said...

Happy to answer that. The Hour starts Monday Sept 21st.