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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hour Books: God is not Great...

I've stewed over this book for a couple days since reading it. Christopher Hitchens is, without a doubt, a brilliant man... and a controversial one at that. But I couldn't help wondering at some points in the book that he was starting to sound similar to the very people he was writing about in the book.

As the title suggests, God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything is Hitchens' treatise about views against religion. In the book, he makes a rather compelling arguement against religion guiding and shaping who we are and what we believe. Yes, Hitchens is a great writer and he makes some valid points, and there were times where I wondered if he actually meant everything he said or if there were a few statements that he made solely to get a rise out of people. This is definitely a divisive book, I found that there were many times where I'd be nodding along with what Hitchens' was writing and then suddenly he'd make a comment that just seemed to cross some invisible line in my mind and he'd lose me.

Make sure you check out Hitchen's first appearance on The Hour in 2007 and then the uncut version of Christopher Hitchens' interview when he recently appeared on The Hour.


Trudy said...

I'd like to read his book, but I find these athiests writing books and making movies these days....they are full of the same poison as religious fundamentalists.

Mich said...

I tend to agree with you Trudy, it would be nice to hear from some run of the mill athiests.

Thanks for responding. Do check out the book even if you think he's a little rabid.

Anonymous said...

God is Great . . . Religion is not. People who do not know God should never write about Him. In fact, God hates religion. People who write about God and don't know Him is like someone writing about me and you don't know me from adam. God is Greater than Great . . . He is Awesome.
Annette K.