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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mystery Date...This Week on The Hour

So for those of you who like to plan your viewing based on the guests slated to appear... bad news. Welcome to 'Fly By the Seat of Your Pants Week' for what's coming up on The Hour.

The summer long schedule of guests scheduled to appear that we'd been provided ran only till September 18th so to discover who's appearing on The Hour... tune in at 11pm - deal?

I can promise you that there are some terrific interviews coming up this season. A few pre-taped interviews I was fortunate to attend during the Toronto International Film Festval include: Michael Douglas, Drew Barrymore, Patricia (flirty girl) Clarkson and Nick Hornby. One I did NOT attend but can't wait for is the Doggfather himself, Snoop Dogg. Wonder if he was voted the guest most likely put the Green in Green Room?

I am glad to confirm that this is indeed the last week of re-runs and the 6th Season of The Hour will launch on Monday, September 28th with a one hour special featuring one of the most beloved actors, activists and authors on the planet. One of Canada's finest exports -- Mr. Michael J. Fox. His work alone as an actor in TV and film would be impressive enough, but the understanding, compassion and awareness he has been able to generate in his long and public battle with Parkinson's Disease has been remarkable. Yes, his tremors can be distracting, but in recent interviews I've seen, this soon melts away and you see only the man's message of optimism, humour and passion for making the most of what you've got. Pretty damn inspiring.

His Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research has provided $149 Million Dollars in funding thus far and his decision to be public about his fight has taken him to testify in Washington and advocate.

So what's the crew up to then if they aren't cranking out new shows this week? Well... George and a few staff from The Hour's usual crew have taken off to Dublin to tape some interviews to air later this season.

Here's a mini feature on The Hour's visit to Dublin where the crew is taping shows in the chq building... 'overlooking the River Liffey and George's Dock'. George's dock huh? Kismet.

Listed as guests for the Ireland tapings are : Bertie Ahern, Tommy Tiernan and Janeane Garafalo.

Perhaps the issues and constructs of working in a coalition government might come up with Bertie? Tommy Tiernan may crack a joke or two... and Janeane, oh Janeane will pretty much say whatever the hell she wants to - why should she change now?

The irony of the fact that U2 was in Toronto for night one of their two day long engagement at the Rogers Centre as the team at The Hour was flying across the pond was not lost on George. High hopes are there to put something very special together with Bono and the boys in the future.

So... in the words of a fabulous and notorious Irishman - Oscar Wilde - who may as well been talking about interview subjects with a 'Best Story Ever' - a little quote to close:

'I prefer women with a past. They're always so damned amusing to talk to.'


voicefax said...

Hi Tracy,

Just a heads up. According to the CBC tv listings, I found out that the season actually starts this Wednesday with the three Dublin Episodes, then it's back in studio next week with Michael J. Fox.
Pretty interesting that they are starting in the middle of the week, unlike their weeks in the UK a few series ago and I only discovered this a few minutes ago I wonder why this change. I thought the Dublin interviews were going to be shown next week and for a bit longer than was planned. What do you think?

Barbara said...

Good to know.. they were not saying if they could or couldn't last week.
Thanks for the update. ;-)

Tracy said...

A dumb call to do 'pre-season' IMO. Why take away from Michael J. Fox as the actual season launch?

Seems a bit of a waste, but sure there is method to the madness.