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Monday, September 14, 2009

It Aint Over, Till It's Over.....Re-runs that is.

Limber up my friends, limber up...
Almost finished with the re-runs & soon your boyfriend will once again, join you in your living room for your 5 nights/week, rendevous.
(And lets face it....there's not many boyfriends that dedicated!)

If you can't wait that long & you're in the TO area, there may still be tickets left for pre-tapings:
Monday September 14th - Ed Norton, Michael Moore & Anna Kendrick -10:15AM
Tuesday September 15th - Timothy Olyphant - 10:00AM
Tuesday September 15th - George Romero - 12:30PM
Tuesday September 15th - Alice in Chains, Snoop Dogg - 4:00PM

The highly anticipated Season Premiere of The Hour is September 28th, which will be a 1-hour special with Michael J. Fox.

Regular studio tapings with a live audience will then begin on:
Tuesday, September 29th.

For those of you who have been hearing rumours of The Hour in Dublin:
Info regarding the Guiness contest and Ireland is still to come...things are still being worked out.
(A huge Thank You to Jeffrey P, for taking time to help out & keeping our readers in the loop!)
On The Hour ~ Sept. 14 -18
Mon, Sept 14

Tom Cruise

Tues, Sept 15

Tim Robbins & Ricky Gervais

Wed, Sept 16

Diana Krall, Lewis Black, Bruce Greenwood

Thurs, Sept 17

Larry King, Steve Earle, Paul Potts

Fri, Sept 18

Sarah Palin, Marlee Matlin, John Legend


voicefax said...

I wonder why they pushed back the premiere from the 21st to the 28th of September?

Barbara said...

Because they are taping in Ireland that week... I think logistics make it hard to premiere from another country.