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Saturday, September 05, 2009

A funny week at The Hour

On The Hour September 7th to the 11th

Monday Sept 7th
Country Music Star

Tues Sept 8th
Wayne's Dad
Ben Elton
The original fighter

Wed Sept 9th
Comedian and Actor
Comedy Team
Cheech & Chong
Thurs Sept 10th

Comedian Billy Connolly

and Comedian
Margaret Cho

Comedy writer and performer

Fri Sept 11
Filmmaker extraordinaire

The Hour is back at work now!
They are prepping for pre season interviews with TIFF stars and filmmakers. You can book tickets for that online if you plan to be in the GTA between Sept 10th and the 15th.
Entre the contest on The Hour's website and you could win a little trip to Dublin Ireland courtesy of Guinness . (click on the links to see the details)


Anonymous said...

First, of all "Congradulation" to all the time & creative work
for the making of the "The Hour" and himself. The one & only magnifience , very highly attractive "Mr George Stroumboulopouli". Totally Awesome. XOXOX
Secondly, Season six is here. I'll enjoy it all.
Thank-you, Kula May Ellison

Philip said...

I wanted to ask when does the new series begin? I remember someone on here saying that it was to begin on the 21st, but in the article I read from the official site that mentioned that Micheal J. Fox was going to be part of the new season that the new season was beginning on the 28th. However I have checked the new TV listings on the CBC website and there is no mention of who the guests will be on the 21st. If it was to be another best of show, would they not already know who would be on like they have done in the past few months?

So, does The Hour return the week of the 21st or the 28th?

Tracy said...

The main CBC website indicates the new season launches September 21st @ 11pm.

As we get more information we will post updates regarding guests.