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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hour Books: My Years as Prime Minister

You can't look at Canadian history for the past few decades without seeing the influence former Prime Minister Jean Chretien had on the country. Even before he lead the country, he played a huge role in defining Canada as it is today. I looked forward to reading his biography basically because I wanted to hear how he viewed what happened during his tenure as Prime Minister in particular the Quebec Referendum.

My Years as Prime Minister follows the 10 years that Chretien was Prime Minister of Canada.
It is a very interesting story, told in a very personable voice. I found myself captivated at certain points in the book, something that rarely happens to me in biographies. I enjoyed reading the stories that made the world leaders more personable than their politician personas generally let them be. I was particularly interested in his version of what happened with the whole Paul Martin situation. Beyond a being an engaging read, I love that this book captures 10 years of Canadian history.

Chretien visited The Hour after recovering from an unexpected heart bypass surgery that prevented an earlier visit to the show. I found the interview fascinating, so make sure you check out the full length, uncut interview on the website

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how much longer are readers going to have to deal with these lame-ass book reports?