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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Welcome to 2009!

So... how was your New Year's?  Party hard? Quiet night at home?  Make any resolutions? After taking a last weekend at home to readjust to the realities of life, it's back to school and work week this week.  Are you ready for that reality?  There are a few things on this week that might make the transition back to reality just a little bit easier...
The Strombo Show comes from The Edge studios on Yonge street in Toronto on Sunday, starting at 2pm PST and 5pm EST. Listen to the show on 102.1 The Edge in Toronto, Y108 in Hamilton, FM96 in London, Power 97 in Winnipeg or 99.3 The Fox.  If you're not in these listening areas, tune into the show online.
Get in on the action by checking out The Strombo Show's Facebook Page or George's MySpace profile.
Everyone's back in the office over at The Hour this week getting ready to resume Season Five on Monday, January 12th...  so this week we get to enjoy a few more "Best Of" shows.  
Tom  Cruise
David Foster
Spike Lee
Kings of Leon

Have a question for George?
Tune in Thursday nights to hear George's answer. 

Have you checked out the Holiday Acts of Green?

Recycle your Christmas Tree
Reuse or make your own wrapping paper
Send an e-card instead of a paper one
Avoid using disposable plates, cups and cutlery
Avoid excess packaging by giving gift alternatives
Buy carbon offsets  

If any of these acts were a part of your holiday festivities, make sure you go over to and register your Acts.  There are also other new Acts up on the website, such as packing a litterless lunch. Is your Act not on the list? There is a suggestion box at the bottom of the Acts List page if you want your act added to the growing list of Acts. 
As of Saturday, there were over 662 948 registers Acts of Green. When do you think Canada will reach the one million mark?

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