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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The amazingly awesome Robert Munsch

When I first found out that Robert Munsch was going to be on The Hour, I must admit that I was elated. Not only am I a huge fan, but I know that his visit coincides with the 2009 Family Literacy Day taking place on January 27th. Mr. Munsch has been the Honourary Chair of this event since 2003.

If you are not familiar with his story, Robert Munsch was born in Pittsburgh in the mid-40's, one of nine children...contrary to popular belief, he is not Canadian born. He will tell you he was not a great academic, but he did love to write poetry. He abandoned plans to join the priesthood and began working in daycare. Later, when he and his wife lost jobs due to funding cuts, a decision was made that they would try to seek jobs in Canada. He took a position in the child studies lab at the University of Guelph and during circle time it was apparent that he had a gift for story telling. At the urging of his boss and his boss' wife (a children's librarian) he published his first book. The rest is history...over 50 books, published in several languages. Likely his best known book, Love You Forever, has sold over 15 million copies.

Courtesy: Firefly Books

As a result of my career choice, I am quite well versed in the world of Munsch books. While yes, they are for children, there is always something there for grown-ups. His characters are written in a vibrant style that makes them practically jump off the page. And if you have ever personally witnessed a Munsch reading, then you are aware that no one can read a Munsch, quite like the man himself. Among my favourites: Mortimer, The Paper Bag Princess and Purple, Green and Yellow. You can check out MP3 versions here. Trust me, it will brighten your day!

Courtesy: Annick Press

Family Literacy Day

Created ten years ago by ABC Canada Literacy Foundation and Honda Canada, Family Literacy Day was established "to promote the importance of reading and learning together as a family all year round". Each year on January 27th, families and community partners celebrate the day with special literacy-themed events. If you would like more information on how you can participate, visit ABC-Canada.

This year, as a prelude to Family Literacy Day, there was a campaign to secure a new Guinness Book World Record in the category of the most children reading with an adult in multiple locations. I am proud to report that my class was among over 190, 000 people who registered and particpated in this event.


Anonymous said...

It's such a shame about Robert Munsch's stroke. I hope he can recover completely from that.

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