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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brand new shows for 2009.

This Sunday on The Strombo Show:
Nothing much planned for this Sunday?
It's a live show this weekend, with some interesting guests swinging by:
Arkells (check out their hit songs, 'Oh The Boss is Coming' & 'Abigail')
& The Smashing Pumpkins!
How's that for some entertainment? Speaking of which, the hilarious banter between George & Alex Liu is definitely worth a listen and, of course, some kick-ass music thrown in for your pleasure.
You can follow along on George's MySpace profile or find the tunes you like, in the show's song-list, on their Facebook page.

This week on The Hour:

Mon, 12th
Parag Khanna

Obama campaign advisor & author of 'The Second World: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order' & his upcoming book 'How to Run the World'.
The 31 yr old, multi-lingual international relations expert and author is regularly featured on MTV's InnerView and was named on Esquires "75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century."

Adrien Brody

An Oscar-winning actor, currently involved in numerous film projects.
A motorcycle enthusiast and "hopeless romantic", who recently surprised his love, actress Elsa Pataky, with a dream castle for her birthday.

Tues, 13th

Smashing Pumpkins
Having gone through several member changes, the band was reunited in 2006.
In fact, the lead singer, Billy Corgon took a full page ad out in Chicago's Tribune & Sun-Times, in 2005 to announce his intentions.
Well, that's one way to get the facts straight!

Geoff Green

Canada's Arctic adventurer, currently promoting a documentary 'From Ice Bergs to Sand Dunes' with a previous guest of The Hour - Ray Zahab.
Geoff Green is also an environmentalist & educator who founded the award winning 'Students On Ice', which offers students, educators & scientists an opportunity, through expeditions, to gain a better understanding & respect for our planet.
An interesting little info nugget:
He was the first person to water-ski in both the polar regions.

Wed, 14th
Daniel Tammet
Described as a 'high-functioning autistic savant", he is at 30 yrs old, one of the world's top mathematical and language geniuses. Holding the European record for reciting pi from memory to over 22,000 digits in just over 5 hours, he is also able to speak eleven languages. He explains that he "sees" numbers, each with their own visual images, and has even created a watercolor painting depicting his image of pi.
Daniel, unlike most savants, is able to articulate how he does what he does, and that to many, is very exciting.
He is currently promoting his new book 'Embracing the Wide Sky: A Tour Across the Horizons of the Mind.'

Dave Salmoni
Ok, so it wouldn't be a true Jenuine post without one suggestive picture or "Jennuendo" included, so for the female readers (and whoever else), here is a rather yummy picture of Mr. Salmoni.
He is a Canadian animal conservationist, trainer, zoologist, television producer & presenter, who last season brought Robbie the tiger onto the set of The Hour, to meet George.
Dave will again be bringing his animal magnetism...I mean...his animals on set.

Thur, 15th
Marlee Matlin
Oscar-winning deaf actress, actively involved in a number of charitable organizations including The Red Cross & the foundation for Children Affected by AIDS. She appears in one of my favorite shows, 'The L-Word" and recently participated in 'Dancing With the Stars'. On so many levels the actress is an inspiration to those of the deaf culture and in 1992, Marlee was instrumental in getting legislation passed in Congress, in support of Closed Captioning.
A very close friend of mine, Leanne, is absolutely thrilled to be able to watch this interview via Closed Captioning (which I was informed that all of CBC's shows are).
*If I may, I would like to pass along a personal thank you to Leanne, for bringing me into her community of the hearing impaired & teaching me many things, beyond how to communicate with your hands.

Johnny Bower
Former Toronto Maple Leaf and hockey legend grew up in rural Saskatchewan, where he honed his young goaltender skills using a pair of hand-me-down skates, an old mattress for knee pads & "cow pies" for pucks.
He enlisted in the army at 15 (lying about his age), changed his name from John Kizkan to Bower & over his 25yr career, became famous for his fearless play. Almost to his last game, he never wore a mask, lost virtually every tooth in his mouth & patented the poke-check; the most dangerous move a goalie can make.

Fri, 16th

Interviews with:

Acclaimed actor - Malcolm McDowell
and from Family Jewels and KISS - Gene Simmons


Have you registered your acts of green? Have you added more?
One Million Acts of Green is just over two months into the campaign and already it's 3/4's the way there! If you have a minute, you should check out a few stories and projects that Canadian individuals & groups have been doing - some of them are truly inspirational!
I have to admit that I haven't logged onto the site for quite some time, but today I'm happy to say that I've added 5 more acts.
: )


Barbara said...

Good to see him back in the red chair!
Can't wait to see wolves on the set. :-)

Anonymous said...

Um... thanks so much for the pic of Dave Salmoni... YUMMY! Perhaps he could appear someplace else as well.

Your Jenuinedo's are LEGENDARY.

Looks to be a great week.