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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Hits and Misses of 2008

Mich's Hit of 2008:
Tiger Talk with trainer David Salmoni

Mich's Miss of 2008:
Julie Couillard

Steph's hit of 2008:
"The King of Shock Rock" Alice Cooper

Steph's Miss of 2008:
"The Most Hated Man in the NHL" Sean Avery

Barbara's Hit of 2008
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Barbara's miss of 2008
Bill Maher

Tracy's Hit of 2008
Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus

Tracy's Miss of 2008
Endearing or Beyond Bizzare... there's no accounting for taste!

Jenuine's Hit of 2008
Farley Mowat

Jenuine's Miss of 2008

Declan Hill

Mich's Wishlist for 2009:
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Dr. Charles McVety (particularly if the abortion debate is reopened)
22 Minutes cast member Mark Critch

Steph's Wishlist for 2009:
Canadian film director Norman Jewison
The Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman
The NHL's first black player Willie O'Ree

Barbara's wishlist 2009:
Dave Broadfoot who is an
honorary sergeant major of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Brendan Fraser

Tracy's Wishlist for 2009:
CNN's Anderson Cooper
John (don't call me JD) Roberts
Stephen Harper (wearing the platform shoes offered up in Harper Bait in '08)

Jenuine's Wishlist for 2009:
I'm with Tracy
- Stephen Harper
George Millar of The Irish Rovers
Celine Dion (Just to see what George would do with her)
Justin Trudeau

Perhaps you had your own hits and misses for 2008?

Who's on YOUR Wishlist for 2009?


Trish J said...

My hit of 2008:
Gordon Ramsey

My Miss of 2008:
Julie Couillard

My Wishlist for 2009:
Duff Goldman
Anderson Cooper
Eric Walters (Author)
Donald Trump

Anonymous said...

My hits of 2008:
Damon Albarn
David Byrne
Alice Cooper
Henry Rollins
Tony Bennett

My Wishlist for 2009:
Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
Nancy Sinatra
Robert Deniro
Johnny Depp

Anonymous said...

A wish to be on: the journalist that threw his shoes at George W. Bush and what really happened to him afterwards.

Anonymous said...

My miss of 2008? Jenny McCarthy. Like nails on a chalkboard.

Trish :)

meli :) said...

I have a long list of hits for 2008. In no particular order; Sue Johansen, James Appathurai, Ray Anderson, Robbie the Tiger, Cold Play, John Cusack, Farely Mowat, David Suzuki, David Frost, and about 10 others ... Where I thought the interview went well and the guest was interesting and had something to say that was intriguing to me.

Those that I really didn't enjoy, for various reasons; Julie Couillard (was too soft on her), Gordon Ramsey(replayed waaaay to much and he's rude); Jenny McCarthy (because she is preaching a cure! What she is doing is admirable, it's a way to MANAGE a disease but NOT cure it. That is false hope and I cannot respect that.)

Barbara said...

Meli you forgot your wish list for Robert Downey Jr... :-)

Anonymous said...

We all wants Robert Downey Jr on the show!!! It will be nice !!!

Anonymous said...

My wishlist:
I would love for Alexz Johnson to be on the show. She has her debut cd coming out in the Spring and she's Canadian. Really amazing artist to look out for.

Any of the boys from Supernatural, but mostl: Jensen Ackles. Great actors and really funny/nice guys.

Stephenie Meyer, just for kicks. I want to see what George thinks of Twilight.

More animals!

Meli said...

My apologies Barb, you are correct, I did forget my wish for Robert Downey Jr. ... to be on the show that is. ;)

Once I e-mailed it to G, I forgot all about posting it here!

Once again ... George when you read this ... PLEASE have R.D. Jr on The Hour :)

Anonymous said...

My wish for '09 is,
for 'the hour' to stop using 'I'm your boyfriend'... and
will the real Strombo please stand up?!
IE: (not that it matters), but is he gay, straight, in a relationship or what?

Anonymous said...

I think the boyfriend comment at the beginning is cute. I hope they keep it.

He is in a reel relationship with the country and his real relationships (with his current GIRLfriend) is his private life and none of our business.

Steph A. said...

Oh, I forgot one guest for my wishlist, but it would be quite unlikely...Barack Obama. THAT would be interesting!

Anonymous said...

My Hits of 2008:
James Appathurai
Gordon Ramsay
Sean Avery
Valerie Bertenelli

My Miss 2008:
Jenny McCarthy

Wish List for 2009:
Stephanie Morganstern
Tahmoh Pennikett
Joss Whedon
Kyle Shewfelt

Jenuine said...

Sadly, I've noticed an absence on most of the posted lists (including ours), in women hits & wishlists.

Fave female guests?
Chantal Petitclerc and Serena Ryder.

Anonymous said...

Fave female guests:

Amy Winehouse, Natalie Portman, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Anonymous said...

wishlist, sorry

Anonymous said...

My wishlist:

Juliette Lewis
Kelly Macdonald
Fiona Apple
Sofia Coppola

Anonymous said...

Asia Argento
Gary Oldman
Guy Pearce
Shirley Manson

Thanks and cheers to The Hour for a new start in the new year!!!!

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