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Thursday, January 15, 2009

New forum and Webcam plus chat

Want to have your say? You can comment here anytime!

But now there are more ways to talk about The Hour.
Express your appreciation or consternation on The Hour's own online forum. You can start topics of comments on the current buzz.
The Hour's Online Forum.
I asked Andy Phillips of The Hour why they added a forum on The Hour's website? He said that creating a forum for The Hour seemed like an natural, yet overdue, addition. There are a lot of intelligent people who watch our show and I wanted to give them an outlet. The comments on the video pages are great, but are pre-moderated. That doesn't quite have the same feeling as a post moderated forum. The immediacy of seeing one's idea in a public space is satisfying.

The forum is up 24-7 if you feel inspired to state what you think, feel or observe. Just be respectful about it. ;-)

And on Sundays you can now join in on the
The Strombo Show's Webcam and chat on as The live Strombo Show is running in your part of the country.


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